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Not Another Diet Gimmick!

The holidays are here, and my wish is for everyone is to truly enjoy their food WITHOUT the promise of a diet in January.

A Big Thank You!

A couple highlights from the “Ditch the Diet” Launch Party!

My Favorite Way to Use My Kitchen Scale

Ok, and maybe the only way I use my kitchen scale, primarily because this is my only recipe converted to the metric system. But y’all, it is so satisfying to measure ingredients this way! You just pour the ingredient right into the bowl until the scale indicator hits the proper weight. No measuring cups to dirty up or extra hassle. It is fun and efficient! And, this granola recipe is amazing! We love it around here, and mix and match… Read more »

Join the Ditch the Diet Tribe

More than a book, it’s a movement! With your help we’re starting a trend that includes all foods without guilt and shame. Join the Ditch the Diet tribe.

See what I had to say in this article in US News today!

How to Eat Well After a ‘Screw It’ Phase – Without Dieting (Again) wellness/articles/2018-08-06/how-to-eat-well-after-a-screw-it-phase-without-dieting-again I had a great conversation with a journalist at US News and World Report last week, and was pleased to see what a nice job she did in researching and writing about a few of the many complications associated with dieting. She reached out to multiple resources and pulled together some great advice. It’s a quick read with some keen insight, enjoy!

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