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See what I had to say in this article in US News today!

How to Eat Well After a ‘Screw It’ Phase – Without Dieting (Again) wellness/articles/2018-08-06/how-to-eat-well-after-a-screw-it-phase-without-dieting-again I had a great conversation with a journalist at US News and World Report last week, and was pleased to see what a nice job she did in researching and writing about a few of the many complications associated with dieting. She reached out to multiple resources and pulled together some great advice. It’s a quick read with some keen insight, enjoy!

The book is almost here!

I am so excited to finally be able to share this news! Ditch the Diet is complete and in printing production as I write this. It still feels surreal that this passion project of mine with so many unexpected twists, turns, frustrations, and gifts is finally coming to fruition. I am now on a whole new learning curve with figuring out how to get my message and book into your hands!

To begin with let me share the official date of release…drum roll please!

Challenge Progress

I hope everyone had a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr weekend. Here in Huntsville Alabama, we are experiencing winter break 2.0 because it might snow…and wind chills in single digits, ha. So, school is out again today :). I’ve heard from some of you, and it sounds like the challenge is going well so far! If you don’t already follow Triple Braided on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, those handles are included here. You may also click the corresponding icon above… Read more »

You are more than the size of your body

You guys, something has to change. We are more than the size of our body. The value we add to this world and the people around us is not dictated by our weight and shape. Praising people for being skinny sends the message that they better stay that way to be pretty and accepted. Or if they have lost weight, that they were not okay before, nor will they be if they regain the weight. I don’t want my children,… Read more »

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