We got real snow in Alabama last week (a couple inches more than the dusting from the previous snow).  Enough for real snowmen, and real sledding anyway!  It was worth the three days of cancelled school for the children to get a taste of snow…

…and I mean taste literally.

This is the bowl of snow (leaves and all) that my five year old put in the freezer.  I saw her getting into the freezer every so often for a wee nibble.

Ahhh, raising children in the south. 

I was a Navy brat growing up, and mostly lived in places where we had snow.  Snow was never a novelty to me as it is to my children, but I do believe that the joy of a snow day has the same delight for children across the spectrum, whether snow is common or not.



Snowball fights

Snow Angels


Wet jeans (oh wait, that’s just in the south where we don’t have proper snow gear)

Frozen crusted hats

Frozen fingers and toes

Hot chocolate

Warming up in front of the fireplace

Heading back out to do it all over again…before it all melts


Glad we had it…glad it’s gone.  Spring…where art thou?!!!!


On another note:


For those taking the current Runner’s Nutrition Challenges, we are two weeks and one week in depending upon the group! 


It can be challenging to tackle new goals, but by having a team and some very concrete measurable action steps, it takes some of the sting out of it. 


Another challenge will be starting on Tuesday, March 4.  It also happens to be Fat Tuesday, so the challenge has been appropriately named The Mardi Gras Challenge.  It will be for teams of two this time, and will have a focus on the discipline of planning ahead. 


It’s going to be great!  So stay tuned for more details, and start looking for a buddy to take this challenge with you!