In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, I thought that a nice little segment on the virtues of beer was in order.  Wine tends to get some good press in the “can be healthy” category with all of it’s flavanoids and antioxidants,  but what about beer?

Clearly, not made from grapes, but fermentation of barley must have it’s perks too right?


One to two alcoholic beverages per day (beer falls into that category) does appear to have some positive attributes,  according to bits of research here and there!
That means one drink for women and two for men…sigh

Heart Health

It seems that alcohol may prevent blood from being too sticky and forming clots…now again this does not suggest that over-consumption is healthy…(1-2 drinks per day), but in moderation may prove beneficial.  I might have to repeat this a few times for the benefit of the skimmers out there who only read every other paragraph!


Interestingly, while sugary sodas and fruit punches may contribute to kidney stones, it appears that beer on the other hand may actually decrease incidences of kidney stone formation, quite significantly I might add.  It may be that the high water content of beer, it diruretic properties, and the added hops all help in reducing the formation of kidney stones.

Hmmmm…and this is why I should always go with my first answer, my instincts rock!  Beer, good…soda, bad!


Beer has fiber.  The end.

Strong Bones

Again, one to two drinks per day (see above for who gets to have two), because more than that will actually weaken bones.  Within these specified guidelines beer can actually strengthen bone density,  likely because of it’s silicon content.  Beer happens to be quite rich in silicon, easily providing the daily recommended amount;  While other food sources of silicon are not nearly as rich in this mineral that may aid in the prevention of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

It’s Just So Tasty And Comes Already Portion Controlled

According to my philosophies about giving oneself permission to eat (and drink)see this articleit is clearly both psychologically and physiologically an asset to enjoy an adult beverage!

I’m Lutheran, we believe in alcohol.  I do live in the south however, and am surrounded by MAJOR teetotalers.  So according to research, we both win…us Lutherans get to drink for our health, and they (Baptists) get to go to Heaven first!  😉

Disclaimer: In order to ascertain the lovely image of the beer, I did write this post “under the influence” of one very tasty beer.