I hope everyone had a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr weekend. Here in Huntsville Alabama, we are experiencing winter break 2.0 because it might snow…and wind chills in single digits, ha. So, school is out again today :). I’ve heard from some of you, and it sounds like the challenge is going well so far! If you don’t already follow Triple Braided on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, those handles are included here. You may also click the corresponding icon above to be taken there directly. We have been posting some pictures and links that relate to our challenge. Instagram and Twitter are both TriplebraidedRD,and Facebook is Triple Braided Nutrition and Wellness.

We still have a couple days left in the first week, so if you haven’t done the overnight oats yet, tonight would be a good time to pull that together, and the food journal day either today or tomorrow! And in terms of the food journal, this is meant to be a learning tool, and not intended to shame you out of eating something because you’re writing it down. It can be a nice alert that you forgot your fruit with breakfast, or to show you what a cup of roasted broccoli looks like on your plates at home. Once we have journaled a few times then we can eyeball amounts better. I like to think of it as encouragement to include all kinds of great variety in the diet. My philosophy is, that if you get your veggies whole grains, etcetera, and you want some dessert…go for it! The focus is what to include, not what to exclude.

Oh, we will also be posting pictures of some of the awesome prize donations we have received from local businesses, so be on the lookout!