Well, here in the heart of the deep south,  school was delayed again due to straight up dog cold weather!  That did not stop my 5 and 10 year olds from running outside and trying to make snow angels and collect from crevices  the .4 inches of wee baby snowflakes that fell!  And just in case you missed the decimal point…that is point 4 inches of accumulation, per the weather man, and I think he was being generous.

Said Accumulation

I almost had to tear up, I mean bless their little southern, snow deprived bones…sad

And then the only snow they do get comes with 15 degrees and a wind chill of 5!  Brrr!

Anyway, it’s cold here, and everywhere apparently this winter.  It is putting a kink in some people’s running routines (like mine), but we all press on toward the goal!

Speaking of goals…I hope the individual challenges I post on the website as well as the group challenges you can register for will be a springboard for hitting some wellness goals this year.

If you have not done one of the Triple Braided group challenges, I hope you will read on, and consider jumping on board!  They really are fun…in a “dang this is hard… but good for me…and if I don’t do it my team will harass me…and if I just do it I will be proud of myself” kind of way.  Isn’t that convincing?

No, in all seriousness, it really is fun.  There is a kind of camaraderie that develops with your teammates (and people on other teams) as well as an atmosphere of energy, playful banter,  support, and competitive drive.  It’s an interesting kind of synergy, and very cool!

There are two group challenges beginning in the next two weeks designed specifically for those training for a 5K or half marathon.  Then on March 4th, the Mardi Gras Group Challenge will begin, and it is going to be awesome!  It is designed for anyone at any place on the wellness spectrum with the theme of “planning ahead”!  You can read more about the challenges under the tab Take The Challenge, or just click here.

Signing off…stay warm!