The stew that I made for dinner last night was so delicious that I am going to have to share it!  It is one of six soup/stews in the most recent issue of Real Simple Magazine, and I have plans to make all of them.

This is saying something, as I am a pretty low maintenance cook, but I like to try recipes that provide new/alternate ways to prepare healthy staples.  These recipes meet my main requirements…easy, interesting, and tasty (at least I hope they are all tasty)!

The dish I made last night is called Chunky Italian Vegetable Stew, and I have it typed up here.  I did make a couple changes, which I have noted on the recipe.

Real Simple Magazine is my very favorite magazine.  I started reading it with their inaugural issue, which I think they sent me as a promotion, and have had a subscription ever since.


If you like food, fashion, organization, fitness, reading…life, then this mag is for you too.  They have some really great articles, ideas, tips, etc.  And I find myself referencing many of their tips on a huge variety of topics.

I like the way they reference appropriate professionals for whatever the topic is that they are writing about, and they stay up to date with topics, without compromising their standards in doing so.  Specifically, I like that they do not push every fad diet out there and have promises of weight loss splashed across their magazine cover.

Moving on…as I do not actually work for or get paid by that magazine…

Since this month’s challenge is to eat five servings of vegetables per day, I thought I would give a couple examples.


This salad is about two and a half servings of vegetables.  It has 2 cups of romaine lettuce and half a cup of cut up carrots and bell peppers.  (After I took the picture I added turkey, cheese, black olives, and dressing – yum)

Yes, potatoes count as a vegetable in my book, however  try to get a variety of vegetables for the most benefit.  Five servings of potato everyday  probably not a great choice…sigh, too bad though.

I usually encourage people to get at least one of their five servings from a leafy green vegetable, and the recipe I referenced above is a great way to get one to two servings of a green (kale)!

I know tomatoes are technically a fruit, but really, I’ve always counted it as a vegetable…so my soup above will also provide a serving of vegetable from tomatoes.

More on veggies another day…we are on day two of cancelled school, and just got the call that we are cancelled tomorrow too!  I am being beckoned by the troops! Sayonara.