March 11th 6:00pm at Epic Church in Decatur. All are welcome!

Join us for an anti-diet initiative that will energize and inspire a healthy and joyful life!

Eating is intuitive

Dieting is counter-intuitive.

Learn how to tap into your body’s simple messages and be liberated from diets forever.

A diet may be veiled under a euphemism like “lifestyle change” or “clean eating”, but if it comes with a list of good versus bad foods, and standard rules for everyone…it’s a diet.

Have you encountered a program that felt like a healthy option only to have it deposit you right back into a cycle of hunger, shame, and a pre-occupation with food that disrupted other important areas of your life? If so, you are not alone.

I want to show you how diets are detrimental to our health and lives, and what you can do instead. You have choices. 

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