What’s your plan for the next 40 days?  New years is always a popular time to set goals and make plans, but I really like to take the Lenten season as another opportunity to reassess where I am, and where I am going.


New Years is almost too overwhelming.  There is this compelling sense that we need to “fix” everything…our finances, our diet, our fitness plans, our spiritual life, etcetera!  But I like to use Lent as an opportunity to pick just one thing to work on.


Most people give something up, but I like to add something…giving up stuff makes me sad (I know…in the true sense of where Lent comes from, that is the whole point, however adding positive stuff to our lives usually displaces other stuff anyway, so in a sense I am giving something up!).  Have I mentioned that I am a master of justification!


I have created a Mardi Gras Wellness Challenge that is intended to focus on planning ahead.  It is a team challenge and there are specific tasks outlined to complete over the next 6 weeks.  Check out more information here!  And sign up now!  It is a great way to add a new discipline in your life for next 40 days and to make some positive changes!


Enjoy your Fat Tuesday!