Ok, and maybe the only way I use my kitchen scale, primarily because this is my only recipe converted to the metric system.

But y’all, it is so satisfying to measure ingredients this way! You just pour the ingredient right into the bowl until the scale indicator hits the proper weight. No measuring cups to dirty up or extra hassle. It is fun and efficient!

And, this granola recipe is amazing! We love it around here, and mix and match the nuts and extra toppings all the time. You can add dried fruit of choice (craisins, raisins, banana chips, mango, apricot).

Or enjoy it with milk, or over yogurt, or just handfuls of it dry for a snack!

Here is mine from this morning all mixed up and ready to bake.

Favorite Granola 

[recipe here]

And here it is all toasted up!

This batch uses all 400 grams of nuts as almonds and pepitas, but sometimes I will divide it up even more depending upon what I have. I also really like to add pecans or walnuts, and sometimes a few sunflower seeds. You really can’t go wrong!