Health is not a fad…it is a process.

The goal is to find a place that is real and manageable within the scope of our lives; balancing what we love about life with what we need to stay active and healthy.

Our diet and exercise habits are going to ebb and flow with many factors in our lives as a natural, normal, and organic progression of living. The picture of a healthy diet is diverse, fluid, and full of variety.

Weight is not the sole predictor of health and should not be the bar by which we measure success.

Rigorous dieting, guilt around eating, and striving for perfection are at the core of where many health problems stem and flourish.

We find the right balance through a delicate mix of trusting our body’s cues, caring for our soul, and providing ourselves with well rounded nutrients from many foods and engaging in consistent exercise.


To break the cycle of dieting that grips our society by providing resources and information to empower individuals to create behaviors that are truly healthy, sustainable, predictive of positive outcomes, and that fit into the fabric of a multi-faceted life.