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Weekly Challenge: Plan for three days this week that you will get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, write it down, and share your plan with someone.

PLAN is the first operative word here.  Making a plan will increase the chances of it actually happening. WRITE IT DOWN is the second key.  Writing it down will increase the chances from 20% to about 80%. SHARE THE PLAN to seal your fate.  If you tell someone close to you what your plan is, then your chances are pretty darn great!  A sense of accountability will do wonders for your motivation and your ability to problem solve minor glitches.… Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Pick a vegetable, find a new way to prepare it…AND do it!

Figuring out ways to include more fruits and vegetables in my daily diet is a constant work in progress.  Then to be the primary meal preparer and in charge of all things good and healthy going into four other people’s bodies, the pressure is really on!  It may seem like other people eat so well and have it all together, but I am here to tell you that it just is not the case!   In my experience talking to MANY… Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Eat breakfast every day this week, and with your breakfast try to incorporate 20 grams of protein!

Eating breakfast is a fantastically important part of overall wellness because it’s contributions stretch across so many areas of our life.  Incorporating a good dose of protein in your breakfast will just give it more power, and assurance that it will provide the benefits as advertised! –      Breakfast is a powerful key to keeping well and fit by metabolism standards (for more detail about metabolism and breakfast see my blog entry from October 24, 2011) . It will boost your metabolism… Read more »

Weekly Challenge – Search for a local fitness or exercise class that you can sign up for this week. Try something different or in addition to what you already do!

There are so many different options, and you may find your new passion or something that you are really fantastic at and never knew it!  You can go through a plethora of different venues for your fitness challenge… from the YMCA, to a local gym, or a neighborhood personal trainer, just to name a few.  You don’t have to make a year-long commitment at a gym either, your community most likely offers “a la carte” classes you can take in… Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Concentrate on getting two servings of fruit each day this week!

It is very tempting in the new year to set lofty goals, and lots of them.  I want to encourage you to set more manageable goals even though they may feel quite minimal or boring.  I know, it is much more fun to get all set up with big goals and the motivation to make it happen.  But unfortunately that can be so overwhelming many times, that in two weeks time we have let almost all the goals go, along… Read more »

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