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Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz did a fantastic job as one of the keynote speakers at the Thrivent Financial Peak Performers Conference that my husband and I were invited to attend last week.  He was engaging, funny, authentic, and good!  The content of his talk was informative and inspirational in an “anyone can be successful” kind of way.  He truly provided the audience with a game plan for success in a down to earth, real manner, with so much humor that the laughter… Read more »

Room Makeover!

I had a brilliant idea… at the last minute, of course.  Somehow the closer an impending deadline becomes, the more efficiently my brain functions!     My oldest child turned 10 on Wednesday, and on Monday I had the excellent idea of giving her bedroom a surprise makeover.  However, I had absolutely no idea what to do, or where to start, so I called my very talented friend and interior decorator,  Jennifer (  for help.  Fortunately for me she had a spare… Read more »

Nutrition for Kids

It is such a gift to empower our children with nutrition knowledge and freedom to make some of their own food choices.  It is really much simpler than it may feel sometimes.  There is a lot of information and advice flying around out there, but there are truly only a few key tenants that we want to portray to our children in order to start them off on a physically and emotionally healthy relationship with food and nutrition. 1.       Teach… Read more »

Our sunny spot at the parade!

Sunscreen Testimonial

I’m not sure what the weather is looking like elsewhere in the country, but here in Alabama we straight up skipped spring and began hurtling head first into summer about 3 weeks ago.  I keep waiting for a cold spell to knock us back into reality, but I am beginning to doubt that will happen.    So, about 10 minutes after dragging my whole family out to a noontime St. Patrick’s Day parade, I realized (too late) that we all… Read more »

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