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So Much Information, So Little Time!As I continue to tackle research related to digestive problems, the plot continues to thicken!I was speaking with a dietitian friend last week, and as we discussed the prevalence of allergies and digestive problems she mentioned the FODMAP diet to me. I had never even heard of FODMAPs, but I am sure glad I am learning about it now. It looks like a great piece of the puzzle, and is answering some more of my… Read more »

Gluten Free vs. Paleo Clarification

Since I have been discussing both the Paleo diet as well as gluten free diets, I thought I better make a quick clarification!  A gluten free diet is not a Paleo diet, but a Paleo diet is gluten free.  I was doing research on gluten intolerances when I came upon the Paleo diet.  It encompasses gluten free but then goes even further…gluten free on steroids I guess.  I was finding a lot of connections between various diseases and gluten, however… Read more »

Delving Deeper

As I continue to dig, scratch, and claw my way through Paleo diet information and relevant research, I am struck by HOW far from the proverbial “missed boat” that I have been.  I would condemn myself for this, as is my natural inclination(sadly), but it has dawned on me, that how I missed this boat is exactly what makes this whole paradigm and it’s implications so huge! When I was… in college, and graduate school, and my internship, and at… Read more »

The Paleo Solution Book Review

I finished reading the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf a couple of weeks ago, and have been itching to get some dialogue going about it.  I was led to this book in my search for information regarding gluten intolerances, autoimmunity, and inflammation issues.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, it appears that many roads are leading to gluten as a possible culprit for many issues.  And that makes me very sad, but I do prefer sad and well-informed to… Read more »

Time for Habit #2

January 30th… Excellent!  Time to decide on what our new habit for February is going to be.  Now remember, we haven’t put in a full 30 days for January yet, since we started a few days late.  So beginning Wednesday, we have two things for a week.  I think we are up for the challenge.  The meal planning thing…a total pain in the butt, and seriously cramping my style (dinners out and cheese and crackers…yum, when I can’t get dinner on… Read more »

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