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Delving Deeper

As I continue to dig, scratch, and claw my way through Paleo diet information and relevant research, I am struck by HOW far from the proverbial “missed boat” that I have been.  I would condemn myself for this, as is my natural inclination(sadly), but it has dawned on me, that how I missed this boat is exactly what makes this whole paradigm and it’s implications so huge! When I was… in college, and graduate school, and my internship, and at… Read more »

The Paleo Solution Book Review

I finished reading the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf a couple of weeks ago, and have been itching to get some dialogue going about it.  I was led to this book in my search for information regarding gluten intolerances, autoimmunity, and inflammation issues.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, it appears that many roads are leading to gluten as a possible culprit for many issues.  And that makes me very sad, but I do prefer sad and well-informed to… Read more »

Time for Habit #2

January 30th… Excellent!  Time to decide on what our new habit for February is going to be.  Now remember, we haven’t put in a full 30 days for January yet, since we started a few days late.  So beginning Wednesday, we have two things for a week.  I think we are up for the challenge.  The meal planning thing…a total pain in the butt, and seriously cramping my style (dinners out and cheese and crackers…yum, when I can’t get dinner on… Read more »

Is It Gluten?

Gluten…Oh man how sad I am going to be if it turns out that gluten really is evil for more than just the Celiac population.  It is a primary ingredient in much of what is truly delicious, delightful, wonderful, awesome…okay enough, no reason to make this more painful.  But all that aside, my little foray into the world of gluten intolerance via research is proving to be incredibly interesting as well as very overwhelming.  I’m still reading and researching, but… Read more »

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  I hope that everyone’s cup was filled with some of the timeless and profound words of that great man today.   I also hope that a lot of you are thinking about my 12 in 12 challenge!  If you think some very direct accountability will help you in sticking to your goal, then find a buddy!  It is amazing how much motivation a little peer pressure and saving face offer!    Week two,… Read more »

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