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Taking a Look at Detoxing

Julie has given me some more information related to my post from 12/28, and the suggestions that I gave her.  Read on for a little more on a detox plan as well!   Julie in Oregon: Thanks! I know that sweets are my downfall….a couple of items that I have not mentioned:    I take fiber supplements every morning (about an extra 8 grams).  I take calcium (2x a day), vitamin c, d, a multi and fish oil.    I will… Read more »

Ideas for my friend

Hey Julie-To answer your questions, as best I can recall, I was given a 1700 calorie limit for maintaining my weight. If you want to calculate it yourself, I’m 39, 5’6, weigh 169-172 on any given day.    As for feeling sated after meals, breakfast always fills me up. Lunch…not as much (for example, I just finished eating about an hour ago and am already feeling lightheaded and needing a protein boost). I have been trying to limit my plate… Read more »

Julie in Oregon Update

    As you can see in the transcripts of our email conversation below, Julie and I have a little detective work going on.  And what I think will become apparent as you read this, which IS the reason for my blog, is  that we are all different, and there is not a static answer for everyone.   However,  there are some basic concepts, truths, and biology that we will use as a springboard for understanding.  Also, the EASY answer… Read more »

Comparison pic…gives idea!

A Rough Day

Well it’s been a rough day in my little corner of life.  Our cat almost died, and while he is hanging in there now, we don’t know what the week will bring.  He’s almost 14 years old, and truly the fattest cat you have ever seen (pictures don’t do him justice, but I’ll see if I have any on this computer I can post).  Considering that the vet told me (when he was a year old and a mere 11… Read more »

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