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My friend Julie in Oregon

Ok Julie…..I’m in need of SERIOUS help! I’ve checked out your blog and it is good. What I’m in need of is an overhaul. I think I shared with you this summer how frustrating my weight journey has been. I know I’m healthy, eat reasonably, exercise A LOT, but I still keep piling on weight. I’ve gained 6 pounds just since the summer…and I know it’s not all muscle.   I met with a dietician a while back who said… Read more »


It takes approximately 21-30 days to make (or break) a habit.  I take this as extremely good news!  While making changes in our habits can feel difficult, if we can just hang on for three weeks then we can really feel the shift from difficult to not so bad.  And when we hit that four week marker, it’s really become just part of our routine!  This is not to say that these new improved healthy habits are straight up easy,… Read more »


I am all about giving thanks, and I am also all about some good old fashioned pigging out.  But when the workload nullifies the enjoyment of the pigging out part, I call foul (no not fowl)!  Personally, I would much rather serve a turkey dinner to people who need it, than to end my day with a stomach ache.  In fact, I tried to do that last year in hopes of teaching my children a valuable lesson while at the… Read more »

Carbohydrates are Energy!!!!

So,  I was watching the Biggest Loser last night (which I love, and some of the inadvertent discoveries they have made are awesome and changing the way we look at morbid obesity) when something happened in the show and I realized I had another topic that desperately needs to be addressed!   I’ll talk more about some of the groundbreaking discoveries the show is making, but first…my tirade.  There are 7 contestants left on the show this season, and they were… Read more »

Permission to Eat and Paying Attention

In order to be able to focus on your bodies signals for hunger and satiety, I think there are a few other concepts that you have to be on board with.  They go hand in hand and for some people take quite a bit of practice, while for others it’s the most natural thing in the world.  This information may or may not be something that you use personally, but it is really good to understand, as it surely applies… Read more »

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