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Does your favorite supper look anything like this? Probably not!

This is what my family calls ‘Southern Supper’, and it is a crowd favorite, right up there with ‘Polish Dinner’.  Next time my sweet mama has us over for that dinner I’ll be sure to post a picture! The ‘gut bombs’ (or pan fried cornbread), lovingly renamed by my Dad the first time he encountered them at my Nana and Gran-Gran’s house when he was dating my Mom, IS the staple item!  All Southern Supper’s, whether the summer or winter… Read more »

Student Athletes and Their Grown-Up’s

There are so many nutrition messages out there; it is a never-ending battle to decipher all the information.  It’s my job and my passion, and I still find it overwhelming.  How is the average person just trying to feed themselves and their family to know what to do? Then throw in a few extra factors, like kid’s sports, and it feels like a whole new topic!  It’s not a whole new topic though.  Some of the same principles apply, just… Read more »


There is always a lot of talk and research surrounding alcohol consumption, and as a dietitian I consider it my responsibility to let fellow wine and beer enthusiasts know the facts!

Writing goals, fun…doing them, not as!

Well, New Year goals are in full swing, and by full swing I mean the honeymoon phase of writing the goals is over, and the following through on goals is supposed to be happening! Writing goals is so much fun!  You actually feel like you are really doing something…all energized, excited, ready to do all these great things that look so spectacular…on paper! The Triple Braided New Year Challenge was actually set up in a way to make the goals manageable, and help reign us… Read more »

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