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Something New this New Year…

This is a tough time of year for me as a professional because the onslaught of dieting talk seems to invade every space I inhabit.   I want to clear up all the misconceptions, and at the same time want to plug my ears and pretend I didn’t hear anything!  It is absolutely exhausting and makes me a little bit crazy too. Ironically,  I just so happen to be writing the chapter on Building Habits in the book I am… Read more »

Body Image, Diets, and Damage to our Children

Diets are damaging, no matter which way you cut it.  In the “olden days”(way back when I was a kid), it seemed like there was an elite stature equated with thinness, and it was fashionable to be thin.  If someone said they were on a diet, everyone applauded.  Maybe it’s because I have been so ingrained in a non-diet paradigm for the entirety of my career,  that I sometimes mistakenly believe that people are recognizing the damage diets are doing,… Read more »

Taco Night…this week it was Pork Carnitas!

This recipe is so very easy and delicious, and I even had some of the leftovers on my baked potato…yum! This version of the recipe has been FODMAP modified, which in this case means the onion has been left out.  If you would like to make the recipe in it’s original form, then just add an onion cut into four quarters to the crock pot, and discard it when the meat is done cooking! The other modification that I sometimes… Read more »

Ways that dinner plans fail…#1 Talk of Barf

Well, our dinner plan for yesterday went up in a blaze of glory, due to poorly planned for circumstances that were NOT a surprise. How about that for your friendly neighborhood dietitian, ha! I had planned to make a pot of chili in the afternoon, but with all the excitement, it got away from me.  And, I realized that my husband (whose favorite dinner that is) would not be home to eat it or the leftovers.  And well, that’s it.… Read more »

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