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Nutrition for Kids

It is such a gift to empower our children with nutrition knowledge and freedom to make some of their own food choices.  It is really much simpler than it may feel sometimes.  There is a lot of information and advice flying around out there, but there are truly only a few key tenants that we want to portray to our children in order to start them off on a physically and emotionally healthy relationship with food and nutrition. 1.       Teach… Read more »

Our sunny spot at the parade!

Sunscreen Testimonial

I’m not sure what the weather is looking like elsewhere in the country, but here in Alabama we straight up skipped spring and began hurtling head first into summer about 3 weeks ago.  I keep waiting for a cold spell to knock us back into reality, but I am beginning to doubt that will happen.    So, about 10 minutes after dragging my whole family out to a noontime St. Patrick’s Day parade, I realized (too late) that we all… Read more »

Fuel for Running…and other activities

I recently spoke with, and put some materials together for a running group training for either a half or a full marathon.  Since I am also a runner, and get all geeked up excited about this stuff, I thought I would share some handy tips! There is soooooo much information that it is always hard to know where to begin, but I am basically just going to throw out a few tips that can be beneficial for ALL.  Especially those… Read more »

March Habits

March 5th already!  I hope that thinking about one new habit to create each month is a helpful concept.  It has been challenging for me to remember to think about my new “stuff” each day (especially now that we are in month three), but I feel good about the changes.  I find myself slacking a little on my past two months in order to get a handle on the new month, but since my first two month’s habits have become,… Read more »


So Much Information, So Little Time!As I continue to tackle research related to digestive problems, the plot continues to thicken!I was speaking with a dietitian friend last week, and as we discussed the prevalence of allergies and digestive problems she mentioned the FODMAP diet to me. I had never even heard of FODMAPs, but I am sure glad I am learning about it now. It looks like a great piece of the puzzle, and is answering some more of my… Read more »

Gluten Free vs. Paleo Clarification

Since I have been discussing both the Paleo diet as well as gluten free diets, I thought I better make a quick clarification!  A gluten free diet is not a Paleo diet, but a Paleo diet is gluten free.  I was doing research on gluten intolerances when I came upon the Paleo diet.  It encompasses gluten free but then goes even further…gluten free on steroids I guess.  I was finding a lot of connections between various diseases and gluten, however… Read more »

Delving Deeper

As I continue to dig, scratch, and claw my way through Paleo diet information and relevant research, I am struck by HOW far from the proverbial “missed boat” that I have been.  I would condemn myself for this, as is my natural inclination(sadly), but it has dawned on me, that how I missed this boat is exactly what makes this whole paradigm and it’s implications so huge! When I was… in college, and graduate school, and my internship, and at… Read more »

The Paleo Solution Book Review

I finished reading the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf a couple of weeks ago, and have been itching to get some dialogue going about it.  I was led to this book in my search for information regarding gluten intolerances, autoimmunity, and inflammation issues.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, it appears that many roads are leading to gluten as a possible culprit for many issues.  And that makes me very sad, but I do prefer sad and well-informed to… Read more »

Time for Habit #2

January 30th… Excellent!  Time to decide on what our new habit for February is going to be.  Now remember, we haven’t put in a full 30 days for January yet, since we started a few days late.  So beginning Wednesday, we have two things for a week.  I think we are up for the challenge.  The meal planning thing…a total pain in the butt, and seriously cramping my style (dinners out and cheese and crackers…yum, when I can’t get dinner on… Read more »

Is It Gluten?

Gluten…Oh man how sad I am going to be if it turns out that gluten really is evil for more than just the Celiac population.  It is a primary ingredient in much of what is truly delicious, delightful, wonderful, awesome…okay enough, no reason to make this more painful.  But all that aside, my little foray into the world of gluten intolerance via research is proving to be incredibly interesting as well as very overwhelming.  I’m still reading and researching, but… Read more »

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  I hope that everyone’s cup was filled with some of the timeless and profound words of that great man today.   I also hope that a lot of you are thinking about my 12 in 12 challenge!  If you think some very direct accountability will help you in sticking to your goal, then find a buddy!  It is amazing how much motivation a little peer pressure and saving face offer!    Week two,… Read more »

12 in 12

 One of the things that really seems to sabotage my efforts at making certain positive changes in my life is the fact that I always tend to try to make ALL the changes at once.  I get on kicks, probably about every 3 months or so, when I decide “ok, I am going to be better about, sticking to our budget, AND planning the meals for each week, AND following up with customers and clients within 24 hours of a… Read more »

Tasty Smoothie!

I am having a tasty shake that I thought I would share.  Quick, easy, and on the go!  Also, one of the secrets to a great smoothie is frozen fruit.  I MUCH prefer the smoothie if all fruit involved has been frozen first.  It keeps the shake good and cold, without watering it down like too much ice can do.  Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie 2 scoops Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein Shake 8 oz. Almond Milk (I used vanilla flavored…yum) ½ a frozen banana 1 tablespoon peanut… Read more »

Taking a Look at Detoxing

Julie has given me some more information related to my post from 12/28, and the suggestions that I gave her.  Read on for a little more on a detox plan as well!   Julie in Oregon: Thanks! I know that sweets are my downfall….a couple of items that I have not mentioned:    I take fiber supplements every morning (about an extra 8 grams).  I take calcium (2x a day), vitamin c, d, a multi and fish oil.    I will… Read more »

Ideas for my friend

Hey Julie-To answer your questions, as best I can recall, I was given a 1700 calorie limit for maintaining my weight. If you want to calculate it yourself, I’m 39, 5’6, weigh 169-172 on any given day.    As for feeling sated after meals, breakfast always fills me up. Lunch…not as much (for example, I just finished eating about an hour ago and am already feeling lightheaded and needing a protein boost). I have been trying to limit my plate… Read more »

Julie in Oregon Update

    As you can see in the transcripts of our email conversation below, Julie and I have a little detective work going on.  And what I think will become apparent as you read this, which IS the reason for my blog, is  that we are all different, and there is not a static answer for everyone.   However,  there are some basic concepts, truths, and biology that we will use as a springboard for understanding.  Also, the EASY answer… Read more »

Comparison pic…gives idea!

A Rough Day

Well it’s been a rough day in my little corner of life.  Our cat almost died, and while he is hanging in there now, we don’t know what the week will bring.  He’s almost 14 years old, and truly the fattest cat you have ever seen (pictures don’t do him justice, but I’ll see if I have any on this computer I can post).  Considering that the vet told me (when he was a year old and a mere 11… Read more »

My friend Julie in Oregon

Ok Julie…..I’m in need of SERIOUS help! I’ve checked out your blog and it is good. What I’m in need of is an overhaul. I think I shared with you this summer how frustrating my weight journey has been. I know I’m healthy, eat reasonably, exercise A LOT, but I still keep piling on weight. I’ve gained 6 pounds just since the summer…and I know it’s not all muscle.   I met with a dietician a while back who said… Read more »


It takes approximately 21-30 days to make (or break) a habit.  I take this as extremely good news!  While making changes in our habits can feel difficult, if we can just hang on for three weeks then we can really feel the shift from difficult to not so bad.  And when we hit that four week marker, it’s really become just part of our routine!  This is not to say that these new improved healthy habits are straight up easy,… Read more »


I am all about giving thanks, and I am also all about some good old fashioned pigging out.  But when the workload nullifies the enjoyment of the pigging out part, I call foul (no not fowl)!  Personally, I would much rather serve a turkey dinner to people who need it, than to end my day with a stomach ache.  In fact, I tried to do that last year in hopes of teaching my children a valuable lesson while at the… Read more »

Carbohydrates are Energy!!!!

So,  I was watching the Biggest Loser last night (which I love, and some of the inadvertent discoveries they have made are awesome and changing the way we look at morbid obesity) when something happened in the show and I realized I had another topic that desperately needs to be addressed!   I’ll talk more about some of the groundbreaking discoveries the show is making, but first…my tirade.  There are 7 contestants left on the show this season, and they were… Read more »

Permission to Eat and Paying Attention

In order to be able to focus on your bodies signals for hunger and satiety, I think there are a few other concepts that you have to be on board with.  They go hand in hand and for some people take quite a bit of practice, while for others it’s the most natural thing in the world.  This information may or may not be something that you use personally, but it is really good to understand, as it surely applies… Read more »

More Trust!

There is a fourth component of our metabolism that I didn’t mention previously, as it is the component that we don’t have any control over.  Our genetics make up about 5% of our metabolism.  A small component, but it does explain/account for some of the inherent differences among us.  There is some really interesting  research on infants that show these metabolic differences.  The reason that I mention this now is that it is an important piece of the puzzle when… Read more »

Trust Your Body

Our bodies give us very specific cues to help us regulate our food and nutrient intake.  The problem is that some of us begin ignoring those cues at some point in our life.  Either as a child when a parent thinks that a child has surely eaten enough, and tries to tell them they can’t possibly be hungry…repeatedly.  That child begins to doubt the signals that they know as hunger or the signals that indicate they are not quite satisfied… Read more »

Happy Halloween!

Don’t be fearful of the candy!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, or the junk food as the case may be.  A topic that I believe is at the crux of many eating “issues”, and I use that term BROADLY, has to do with how in tune we are to our body’s natural ability to internally regulate hunger and satiety.  Total mouthful there, but put more simply…do you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full? … Read more »

Breakfast and Metabolism 101!

Breakfast is a non-negotiable for everyone!  It is so vitally important for optimal wellness, that no one is excused!  And for such a simple task it really has a lot of power.  I am sure that this is not a news flash, but sometimes it is good to have reminders of those things that we already know. First of all, as the name implies, this meal in the morning is breaking the fast that our body has been on while… Read more »

Satisfying your Appetite

It is so extraordinary how evolved our bodies are, what they are capable of, and how they carry on despite all the manipulating that we do to them!  One of the topics that I believe is key to address in almost all scenarios that involve giving nutrition advice is how important it is that we satisfy our appetite when we eat.  If we do not, our body has a funny way of tricking us into it anyway! So basically, a well rounded diet consists of ALL… Read more »


I am not a proponent of “diets” in the traditional sense of the word.  I cringe at the word, and as those who know me well can attest to, I have also been known to throw little hissy fits at the mention of dieting.  No one is safe from my verbal assault on the woes and tragedy of dieting… friends, family, acquaintances, strangers.  It’s a problem…really.  Now, as a disclaimer, there are clearly instances when certain diets are necessary and very helpful.  The… Read more »

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