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Stagger Goals

Stagger New Year’s goals over the course of the year for great results.  Need help with how?

SODA…Why must you cause such turmoil!

You know those parenting magazines that you start getting for free, immediately after the stick turns blue? Well, I remember reading an article in one of those, probably when I was pregnant with my first, in which there was a statement that really stuck with me.   The magazine had surveyed a bunch of parents/moms, and asked a series of “advice for the newbie” kinds of questions. Anyway, the question that caught my attention was something to the effect of:… Read more »

What IS this Family Wellness Challenge?

One of the daily challenge tasks listed here, we instituted a few weeks ago at our house and the result has been so interesting.

I discovered that our 6 year old is the task master…

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Wow, look at all the brilliant donations we have collected so far as added incentive for YOU!!!!  And we have even more lined up!  I am so thankful for all the great businesses willing to jump on board with Triple Braided Nutrition and Wellness! Register now, so you can get your materials and start gearing up! There are tasks worth points to complete each day, and it is all stuff that you can add into your busy schedule with just a touch… Read more »

Water IS Worthy!

Sometimes the simplest things have the greatest impact. Drinking enough water each day is definitely one of those things!   I am also stunned at the amount of pushback that I get to the suggestion/goal of drinking the proper amount of water each day. It’s almost as if the perception is that the payoff can’t really be all that great, so why bother. Or, that it is too simple of a solution and tackling something bigger, better, and with more… Read more »

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