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You Are Invited!

Please join me for an open house to celebrate the opening of my new downtown Huntsville office! Instead of starting a diet this new year, start with a resolution to DITCH THE DIET, and truly create a life of health.

Noah’s Picks

My 11 year old thinks I need a spot on my website for “Noah’s Picks”.  This is the kind of material you could expect from that!  Video vegetable humor…definitely the only form in which a vegetable will be his pick!

Does your favorite supper look anything like this? Probably not!

This is what my family calls ‘Southern Supper’, and it is a crowd favorite, right up there with ‘Polish Dinner’.  Next time my sweet mama has us over for that dinner I’ll be sure to post a picture! The ‘gut bombs’ (or pan fried cornbread), lovingly renamed by my Dad the first time he encountered them at my Nana and Gran-Gran’s house when he was dating my Mom, IS the staple item!  All Southern Supper’s, whether the summer or winter… Read more »

Student Athletes and Their Grown-Up’s

There are so many nutrition messages out there; it is a never-ending battle to decipher all the information.  It’s my job and my passion, and I still find it overwhelming.  How is the average person just trying to feed themselves and their family to know what to do? Then throw in a few extra factors, like kid’s sports, and it feels like a whole new topic!  It’s not a whole new topic though.  Some of the same principles apply, just… Read more »

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