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It’s Fat Tuesday!

                            What’s your plan for the next 40 days?  New years is always a popular time to set goals and make plans, but I really like to take the Lenten season as another opportunity to reassess where I am, and where I am going.   New Years is almost too overwhelming.  There is this compelling sense that we need to “fix” everything…our finances, our diet, our fitness… Read more »

Tips for Today!

  Pay attention while you eat.  For one meal today…Turn off the TV.  Don’t look at, talk on, or read your phone…resist the ding.  Sit at a table.  And eat.  Pay attention not only to your levels of hunger and fullness, but also to your satiety.  It does not matter how many calories you have eaten, if you didn’t eat anything that really satisfied you, then you may find yourself continuing to think about food and searching for another taste… Read more »

A Bowl of Snow

We got real snow in Alabama last week (a couple inches more than the dusting from the previous snow).  Enough for real snowmen, and real sledding anyway!  It was worth the three days of cancelled school for the children to get a taste of snow… …and I mean taste literally. This is the bowl of snow (leaves and all) that my five year old put in the freezer.  I saw her getting into the freezer every so often for a… Read more »

Delicious recipe from my favorite magazine!

The stew that I made for dinner last night was so delicious that I am going to have to share it!  It is one of six soup/stews in the most recent issue of Real Simple Magazine, and I have plans to make all of them. This is saying something, as I am a pretty low maintenance cook, but I like to try recipes that provide new/alternate ways to prepare healthy staples.  These recipes meet my main requirements…easy, interesting, and tasty… Read more »

You mean I have to eat breakfast AND get a load of protein with it?

Yes!   Some people love breakfast – they eat it every morning – they have no idea why so many people balk about it. But more often than that, what I hear from people is that they are: Too busy Not hungry in morning Eating breakfast makes them hungrier No time Just like to have coffee (yikes –  I just realized I forgot to have mine – that explains some things) This beautiful breakfast is what my friend, running buddy, and… Read more »

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