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The Stomach Bug

I mean really, I could do without EVER having that again…but the mere fact that it’s existence is not going to go away gives me a case of the cold, paranoid sweats.  Agh! So not only did the stomach bug*commence a day and half before we were leaving for New Orleans for a fun weekend adventure with the kids… to be followed by a week off school for Spring Break (in a cold Alabama).  It was also a week and… Read more »

Beer Good.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, I thought that a nice little segment on the virtues of beer was in order.  Wine tends to get some good press in the “can be healthy” category with all of it’s flavanoids and antioxidants,  but what about beer? Clearly, not made from grapes, but fermentation of barley must have it’s perks too right? Right!!! One to two alcoholic beverages per day (beer falls into that category) does appear to have some… Read more »

Chia Seeds

Super food or little grass pet? As I began hearing more and more about the chia seed, I was sure we were not talking about the same chia from the Chia Pet of the 80’s and 90’s.  You know the one with the earworm commercials…ch-ch-ch-chia!  If by chance you are too young (or too old)to remember, Chia Pets are terra cotta pots in the shapes of animals that you spread chia seeds on, and then they spout a grassy “fur”… Read more »

It’s Fat Tuesday!

                            What’s your plan for the next 40 days?  New years is always a popular time to set goals and make plans, but I really like to take the Lenten season as another opportunity to reassess where I am, and where I am going.   New Years is almost too overwhelming.  There is this compelling sense that we need to “fix” everything…our finances, our diet, our fitness… Read more »

Tips for Today!

  Pay attention while you eat.  For one meal today…Turn off the TV.  Don’t look at, talk on, or read your phone…resist the ding.  Sit at a table.  And eat.  Pay attention not only to your levels of hunger and fullness, but also to your satiety.  It does not matter how many calories you have eaten, if you didn’t eat anything that really satisfied you, then you may find yourself continuing to think about food and searching for another taste… Read more »

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