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Delicious recipe from my favorite magazine!

The stew that I made for dinner last night was so delicious that I am going to have to share it!  It is one of six soup/stews in the most recent issue of Real Simple Magazine, and I have plans to make all of them. This is saying something, as I am a pretty low maintenance cook, but I like to try recipes that provide new/alternate ways to prepare healthy staples.  These recipes meet my main requirements…easy, interesting, and tasty… Read more »

You mean I have to eat breakfast AND get a load of protein with it?

Yes!   Some people love breakfast – they eat it every morning – they have no idea why so many people balk about it. But more often than that, what I hear from people is that they are: Too busy Not hungry in morning Eating breakfast makes them hungrier No time Just like to have coffee (yikes –  I just realized I forgot to have mine – that explains some things) This beautiful breakfast is what my friend, running buddy, and… Read more »

Deep Freeze in the South!

Well, here in the heart of the deep south,  school was delayed again due to straight up dog cold weather!  That did not stop my 5 and 10 year olds from running outside and trying to make snow angels and collect from crevices  the .4 inches of wee baby snowflakes that fell!  And just in case you missed the decimal point…that is point 4 inches of accumulation, per the weather man, and I think he was being generous. I almost… Read more » is LIVE!

I am so excited to begin blogging again, and to introduce my brand new beautiful website created by my brilliant brand design and marketing team, Thrive Creative Group! They have worked so hard, and in my humble opinion, created the perfect website for me to share new insights and offer fun and motivational challenges!

Showcasing Special! Featuring my brother and all around awesome dude, Andy Sieja!

There are so many people in my life, and people whom I meet on a regular basis that live the TripleBraided mission and vision.  The vision of eating well, staying fit, and being happy.  People who put all the pieces together in a manageable fashion that matches the scope of their lives and where they are on their personal wellness journey. One such person is my super cool, very awesome, hilarious, and all around good guy and brother, Andy Sieja! … Read more »

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