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Showcasing Special! Featuring my brother and all around awesome dude, Andy Sieja!

There are so many people in my life, and people whom I meet on a regular basis that live the TripleBraided mission and vision.  The vision of eating well, staying fit, and being happy.  People who put all the pieces together in a manageable fashion that matches the scope of their lives and where they are on their personal wellness journey. One such person is my super cool, very awesome, hilarious, and all around good guy and brother, Andy Sieja! … Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Include one serving per day of a green leafy vegetable.

We all know they are good for us, but do we get enough?  Probably not!  Take a look at this link from WebMD for a list of ten leafy greens starting with the most nutritious at the top. What constitutes a serving: One cup of raw green leafy vegetables or half a cup of cooked.  I would consider this a minimum. As you tackle this challenge, I would also encourage you to choose a variety of the leafy greens. … Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Do you know how much non-nutritive calories and artificial sweeteners that you consume? Find out this week while you investigate it in your diet.

If you have noticed, all of the challenges that I have posed thus far have revolved either around adding good things to your life or tracking and assessing current habits and patterns.  I am hesitant to give a challenge that says to eliminate certain foods, not because I don’t think that there are things worth eliminating, but because ultimately I believe that if enough good stuff comes into your life, the poor stuff will be displaced. Does that sound like… Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Practice mindful eating: Slow down, chew your food, and pay attention to your body’s signals of hunger, satiety, and fullness with every meal that you eat this week.

It is really not necessary to eat until we are completely stuffed or very full at every meal.  In fact that should be the exception to the rule.  For many reasons, but also because our stomach is going to be able to digest the food better if it has some room in there to churn the food all around.  Of course overeating  happens.  When something tastes exceptionally great, or we haven’t had a favorite food in a while, or we… Read more »

Weekly Challenge: Burpees, and squats, and planks, oh my!

Do 15 Burpees (with the push up), 15 Squats, and 30 seconds of a plank each day!  If this is so yesterday’s fitness for you then do these three activities in a reverse ladder starting with 15!  That means, do 15 burpees, then 15 squats, then 15 seconds of plank, then do 14 of each, then 13, and so forth.  If that doesn’t kick your butt then just tune back in next week for another nutrition challenge J Below is… Read more »

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