I mean really, I could do without EVER having that again…but the mere fact that it’s existence is not going to go away gives me a case of the cold, paranoid sweats.  Agh!

So not only did the stomach bugcommence a day and half before we were leaving for New Orleans for a fun weekend adventure with the kids… to be followed by a week off school for Spring Break (in a cold Alabama).  It was also a week and a day and a half before my Spring Half Marathon…definitely bad timing.  However, is the timing EVER good for the stomach bug

Imagine that I am saying that in a low voice with much derision and spite

So, it derailed the end of my last week of training as well as my pre-race taper week…boo.  But as luck would have it, I did feel back to normal by two days prior to the race, and went on to have a successful run with a new PR (personal record).  So cheers to that!

Hopefully, this also explains why I did not have a blog entry last week…some balls were dropped for sure!  Which leads me to my point.

I just sent an email to all the participants of the Mardi Gras Challenge (I also happen to be among that group), and I touched on something that I think is so important for us to remember as we go about our daily lives, trying to achieve all kinds of greatness. 

And that something is that we will NEVER be perfect.  Not that we shouldn’t try our best and go for the gold anyway, because we most definitely should!  But when we fall short, because we will, it is not a reason to quit altogether.  I just lost all sorts of points for myself and my team on this challenge.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t meet one of the deadlines, but the best I can do now is move forward and hope I don’t have another derailment!

We may not even think that we are doing it, but I see it all the time.  Success begets success, and failure will beget success with interminable determination, tenacity, and sheer force will.  And when employing those characteristics then ultimately our failures have the greatest potential of all to lead to unmitigated success.

Putting this in perspective.  

In my line of work I hear a lot about diets, and in talking to hundreds of people about their experiences, this is what I see. 

Diets are not ultimately successful for most people because they require perfection (at least in the way in which our mind perceives it).  While the dieter is sticking to their plan they feel successful and energized and continue to adhere.  However, once a wrench is thrown in the mix and the dieter doesn’t meet certain expectations (real or perceived), there is a very strong tendency to quit altogether.

My mission as a wellness dietitian  is to help people put healthy practices into motion, and then to find ways to allow the ebb and flow of life to work within and around our concerted efforts without forgoing them altogether when things get tricky.

When we feel like we have failed at something it can be very disconcerting.  It is very easy to let that feeling take over and to wallow…we all do it.  The trick is to let that piece go and to move forward.  That is when we have the opportunity for even greater success.

I mention all this because my mission in creating these nutrition and wellness challenges is to give people a fun way to make small changes.  However, I do not want it to be an avenue for self-loathing when all goals are not met with perfection.  If you miss some points, just carry on, let it go, and move forward.  The end result will be much more satisfying.

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries” – James A. Michener