I am so excited to begin blogging again, and to introduce my brand new beautiful website created by my brilliant brand design and marketing team, Thrive Creative Group!  They have worked so hard, and in my humble opinion, created the perfect website for me to share new insights and offer fun and motivational challenges!

Now that their part is complete, it is my time for stepping OUT of my comfort zone and learning more about how to manipulate this website, and all it’s bells and whistles!  There’s always a rub, huh!

First things first, I’d like to direct you to the ongoing seasonal and monthly challenges!  For each season of the year there is a personal challenge offered.  It is a call to action that will last three months.  It is something small and manageable, but in the three months it will become part of the fabric of your life.  For each month of the year, there is another personal challenge and call to action!  If you choose to accept this mission as well, then you will be working on two nutrition or wellness goals.

When you send me a message that you are IN for the challenge/s, then you will be entered into our monthly incentive drawing to win a fun Triple Braided prize!

I want to hear from everyone, so join the challenge and pass it on to all the people that you know would love a little extra challenge in their life!  Send me a message through this website, or like the challenge on Triple Braided’s Facebook Page.

I hope you will check back for new insights, more challenges, and opportunities to make a difference!