I detest diets and dieting mentalities…no surprise there!  I also abhor the notion of good foods/bad foods, and the very common phases that go something like:

“I know…this is so bad”

“I am addicted to sugar and just have to get totally off of it”

“I know I shouldn’t eat this, it is such a bad food”

“I was being so good…”

I cringe!!!!  Sometimes I will go into a wee passive/aggressive tirade, and other times I just have to ignore and walk away.  YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BAD!  YOU SHOULD EAT IT! YOU DO NOT NEED TO TOTALLY ELIMINATE THINGS YOU ENJOY!

I feel like a broken record, and sometimes the battle against the dieting mentality just takes all the joy from my being.

If you are craving sugar and sweets and a big juicy cheeseburger and fries, it is probably because you are hungry (truly and legitimately hungry…not a glutton or a pig or a junk food addict).  These are the kinds of things we seek out when we have not had enough calories.  Our body knows that things with sugar and/or fat in them have a high satiety value, and if we don’t give ourselves enough to eat, this is what we crave.

Satiety…the feeling that we are satiated or content.  Clearly, I am focusing on the hungry/fed variety of satiety, and lots of factors contribute to being satisfied.  But one big factor, alongside that silly little concept of actually having enough calories, is FLAVOR!

If you are eating foods that you ENJOY and they have flavor, you are going to feel satisfied sooner, and will be less likely to go in search of something (ie. a snicker bar or Frappuccino) an hour after eating, or to continue eating at that meal in search of satiety.

I know we all think we are super smart and stuff, and that we know way more than our body, and that if our body would just cooperate with our brains then we would all eat salads all the time and be super fit, thin, and healthy.

RIDICULOUS!  How is this mentality working out for our uber health conscious America over the past 20 years?  It is a FAIL.  We have gone from 50% of Americans being overweight and/or obese up to 66%… We did that in 15 years!  The 15 years that we were all supposedly so super smart with our 1200 calorie diets and low fat frozen meals and garbage, we gained crazy weight!

There is a good reason for that, well lots of reasons, but not the reasons that most people think.  So many factors come into play when we restrict food from ourselves, and they all work together to figure out ways FOR us to get fed.  This complicated intermingling of events, and how we can work WITH them is the focus of the book I am working on.

With respect to this post, and my “I told you so”, check out this article referencing some recent research that corroborates one of the many tenants of my non-dieting philosophies.  That part about flavor.

The thing that is so confounding is the fact that my tenants and philosophies are really great news.  They allow people to live a fuller and happier life.  The only “down” side is that the weight loss part, for those trying to lose, is not immediate.  Not even close to immediate.  It may take a few years, and it may never be the exact weight desired, but what you will have the whole entire time, and for the rest of your life is priceless and so enriching!

You will achieve an overall good relationship with food, which will allow you:

To enjoy eating without feeling guilty

To enjoy social gatherings without the dread of “getting back on the straight and narrow tomorrow”

To focus on all the other aspects of your life that make you who you are

To focus on your value outside of your weight

To truly BE healthy, strong, and fit

To choose well rounded nutritious foods AND total junk foods…and still be a healthy individual.

Health is not a fad my friends, and it is so much more intuitive and realistic than the constant food and diet hype circus would have us believe.

One day, there will be a Triple Braided Nutrition and Wellness Studio on every corner, and you will see happy and healthy people coming in and out as part of a community of people that love food, health, life, and each other! #standingstrongertogether  #healthisnotafad  #allfoodfits