Well, our dinner plan for yesterday went up in a blaze of glory, due to poorly planned for circumstances that were NOT a surprise.

How about that for your friendly neighborhood dietitian, ha!

I had planned to make a pot of chili in the afternoon, but with all the excitement, it got away from me.  And, I realized that my husband (whose favorite dinner that is) would not be home to eat it or the leftovers.  And well, that’s it.  Doesn’t take much to derail a family of five dinner plans.  So, here’s the excitement that I speak of…

My husband and daughter arrived about 1 pm from New York City after a 20 hour bus ride.  Said bus ride turned out to be a scene from “Stand By Me”, as described by one of the dad chaperone’s, as he carried bags of barfy bio hazard off the bus…Yup, the stomach bug, on a bus for 20 hours with a gaggle of 7th and 8th grade choir students.  I’m traumatized and I wasn’t even on the bus!  Those poor kids are at the top of my empathy Richter scale.

If you’ve forgotten, here’s the movie clip…barf-o-rama

My husband arrived home, promptly mowed the lawn, showered, grabbed his other pre-packed suitcase, and headed out the door for Nashville.  Where, by the way,  I later saw a picture of him with Vince Gill…I wonder if Vince was aware of Barfageddon when he agreed to “stand by” my hubby?

Anyway, next the kids and I headed to the church where my bus rider had a meeting with the church council… as is tradition in our church once you have completed the two year confirmation classes/process.

So, by the time we left there, it was 6ish, everyone was hungry, and Chik-fil-a sounded like a good idea…

Just a wee example of how easy it really is for life to get in the way of dinner plans…even if my plan wasn’t that well thought out…eek!

Today is a new day, and I am picking up where I left off with my week plan.  Now, I do have options.  I could go with the chili, but again, same deal as last night, still no hubby to eat it the rest of the week.  Or, I can pick up with what I had originally planned for tonight…which is what I am going to do.

I am fixing a super fast, super easy, and crazy delicious chicken curry recipe that I had for the first time a couple weeks ago at Andy and Brianna’s house!  Bri gave me her copy of the recipe right off her counter!  I must have looked that desperate to have it…because I actually was.

I can’t wait to make it…well, I can’t wait to EAT it anyway.

You can check it out here…Simple Chicken Curry