This challenge is for the whole family and is intended to be FUN! You will get points for doing things together and apart that you may or may not already do. But this challenge will encourage you to fit certain things in, maybe try new things, and to learn from each other.

One of the daily challenge tasks listed here, we instituted a few weeks ago at our house and the result has been so interesting.

I discovered that our 6 year old is the task master…she is holding our feet to the fire with respect to making sure we do our gratitude’s each night at the dinner table. She does not forget, and in fact looks forward to dinner when we get to do this activity.

Some days the things we are thankful for may seem mundane or materialistic, but other days I am surprised at the depth of thought and understanding that the gratitude’s reflect.

It also changes the dynamic of the dinner table in a positive fashion. Whoever may have come to the table grumpy or with some sort of attitude is quickly transformed…the gratitude’s lift each other up somehow and force us to reflect on the overall goodness of our lives even if something just happened that was annoying, upsetting, or off putting. It is good.

The ground rules of this challenge are as follows:

1. First and foremost, have fun!

2. Everyone tries their best, but guilt, coercion, shaming is not allowed. We succeed and fail as a unit, there is no weak link.

3. A family activity can still be completed for full points even if someone is missing from the picture (member off at camp or out of town for work, etc).

4. All family members are to refrain from texting or talking on the phone during family meals and activities!


Challenge missions include things that build us up in many areas of our lives…interpersonally, nutritionally, fitness wise, and as members of a larger community. My hope is that you will learn valuable things about those you love most, and that you will be inspired to continue one or more activities because of the value that they added to your life.

Have fun, make some memories, and enjoy yourselves!

This challenge begins on Thursday July 17th!  Check out more information and get registered here!