Well, New Year goals are in full swing, and by full swing I mean the honeymoon phase of writing the goals is over, and the following through on goals is supposed to be happening!

Writing goals is so much fun!  You actually feel like you are really doing something…all energized, excited, ready to do all these great things that look so spectacular…on paper!

The Triple Braided New Year Challenge was actually set up in a way to make the goals manageable, and help reign us in a little bit, so that we don’t get too over-zealous.  It is so tempting to try to create goals that will make our entire life and existence perfect. Yet no matter how hard we try, we know that is unattainable.

But truly, regardless of how manageable goals are, they are still changes that require concerted effort, tenacity, and stick-to-itiveness (my new word I just made up).

I mean how hard can it be to remember to take a Vitamin D supplement with dinner each night?

Apparently hard enough, because in the past three days I have only remembered once!  Ahg!  And that is exactly why I set it as a goal.  Hopefully, with, 1: having that as only one of three nutrition goals for the next two months, and 2: the goal posted on my refrigerator to see each day, and 3: getting points to do it that will affect my whole team, I will eventually get into the routine!

So, if you guys are having the same trouble that I am getting into the groove, just hang in there!

Give yourself some more chances, pare down your goals if necessary.  Just set a few for now, and once you get it adjusted into your life, then add another.

Worst case scenario…if it takes you all year to get in the habit of 1-2 new goals, then that’s 1-2 less that you will set in 2016!  Better case…set 1-2 goals every two months (the length of time new research actually thinks it takes to set a habit…66 days to be exact), and then by the end of the year you have really made some headway!

Good luck friends!  You can do it!