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Back to School Breakfast Ideas

School is officially back in session for many of us, and with it the crazy scramble to get everyone fed and out the door on time! If you are looking for some fresh ideas check out the guest blog post that I did for the Dairy Alliance. We have so many options these days, but sometimes that can create decision paralysis! Try one of these ideas out for your first week back…decision made. For regular inspiration and positive messages about… Read more »

You are Worth More than Your Weight

Does your weight influence how you feel about yourself? Have you ever based your self-worth on the size of clothes that currently fit or on the number on the scale? Do you believe your weight is the most important determiner of your health status? When we are trying to assess health, there are a myriad of things that can be considered…and I would take weight off the list all together. Let’s talk about weight and size. We humans come in… Read more »

You are worth more than your weight

It was an honor to write a guest blog post for my fellow dietitian and expert nutrition communicator, Barbara Mayfield. She does a wonderful job of highlighting the diversity and talent in our field on her website. Check it out and see what I have to say about the topic of weight, health, dieting, and worthiness. As a bonus you will be introduced to another fantastic and reputable resource on this world wide web! Does your weight influence how… Read more »

Ditch the Diet Now – How Diets Do More Harm and No Good!

March 11th 6:00pm at Epic Church in Decatur. All are welcome! Join us for an anti-diet initiative that will energize and inspire a healthy and joyful life! Eating is intuitive Dieting is counter-intuitive. Learn how to tap into your body’s simple messages and be liberated from diets forever. A diet may be veiled under a euphemism like “lifestyle change” or “clean eating”, but if it comes with a list of good versus bad foods, and standard rules for everyone…it’s a… Read more »

“Clean Eating” – It’s a Diet

“The Whole 30” – It’s a Diet “Lifestyle Change” – Diet “Moderation” – Diet Sometimes it feels like the message to Ditch the Diet is falling on deaf ears. This should not surprise me. Although it does dishearten me. The culture of dieting is so corrosively ingrained in our society that many people don’t even realize the dangerous cycle they are caught up in. When I say diet, I’m not just referring to the crazy stuff. I am referring to… Read more »

Ditch the Diet Pledge

At Triple Braided we are serious about an anti-diet approach! How serious? This Pledge will give you a clue. Before beginning our programs participants take this Ditch the Diet pledge… I solemnly swear to eat food. This includes, but is not limited to, carbs, sugar, fat, and other foods that make me feel warm, fuzzy, well-fed, and loved. I will not count calories and adjust my intake based on nebulous food rules. I will not berate myself, my body, or… Read more »

Not Another Diet Gimmick!

The holidays are here, and my wish is for everyone is to truly enjoy their food WITHOUT the promise of a diet in January.

A Big Thank You!

A couple highlights from the “Ditch the Diet” Launch Party!

My Favorite Way to Use My Kitchen Scale

Ok, and maybe the only way I use my kitchen scale, primarily because this is my only recipe converted to the metric system. But y’all, it is so satisfying to measure ingredients this way! You just pour the ingredient right into the bowl until the scale indicator hits the proper weight. No measuring cups to dirty up or extra hassle. It is fun and efficient! And, this granola recipe is amazing! We love it around here, and mix and match… Read more »

Join the Ditch the Diet Tribe

More than a book, it’s a movement! With your help we’re starting a trend that includes all foods without guilt and shame. Join the Ditch the Diet tribe.

See what I had to say in this article in US News today!

How to Eat Well After a ‘Screw It’ Phase – Without Dieting (Again) wellness/articles/2018-08-06/how-to-eat-well-after-a-screw-it-phase-without-dieting-again I had a great conversation with a journalist at US News and World Report last week, and was pleased to see what a nice job she did in researching and writing about a few of the many complications associated with dieting. She reached out to multiple resources and pulled together some great advice. It’s a quick read with some keen insight, enjoy!

The book is almost here!

I am so excited to finally be able to share this news! Ditch the Diet is complete and in printing production as I write this. It still feels surreal that this passion project of mine with so many unexpected twists, turns, frustrations, and gifts is finally coming to fruition. I am now on a whole new learning curve with figuring out how to get my message and book into your hands!

To begin with let me share the official date of release…drum roll please!

Challenge Progress

I hope everyone had a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr weekend. Here in Huntsville Alabama, we are experiencing winter break 2.0 because it might snow…and wind chills in single digits, ha. So, school is out again today :). I’ve heard from some of you, and it sounds like the challenge is going well so far! If you don’t already follow Triple Braided on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, those handles are included here. You may also click the corresponding icon above… Read more »

You are more than the size of your body

You guys, something has to change. We are more than the size of our body. The value we add to this world and the people around us is not dictated by our weight and shape. Praising people for being skinny sends the message that they better stay that way to be pretty and accepted. Or if they have lost weight, that they were not okay before, nor will they be if they regain the weight. I don’t want my children,… Read more »

Who’s counsel should you seek for nutrition expertise?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, also known as an RD or an RDN. Here’s why: When looking for an expert in nutrition or taking nutrition advice found on the internet or elsewhere, it is important to be informed about what various credentials mean. A registered dietitian (RD) also called a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is the healthcare professional recognized as the specialist in nutrition.  When you see the designation of RD or RDN, then you can be assured of the following: … Read more »

Community – A Precious Gift

As many of you know, I have a book coming out in a few months.  It has been a labor of love for a few years now, and I am excited to share it, as it encompasses the philosophies that I hold dear and am passionate about as a dietitian.   For the past eight months I have spent the first hour and a half of my day writing at a table in our local Starbucks.  It has been the… Read more »

Student Athlete Sports Nutrition Basics

What you eat on a daily basis as well as before, during, and after training and athletic events can make the difference between reaching your goals or falling short!

Something New this New Year…

This is a tough time of year for me as a professional because the onslaught of dieting talk seems to invade every space I inhabit.   I want to clear up all the misconceptions, and at the same time want to plug my ears and pretend I didn’t hear anything!  It is absolutely exhausting and makes me a little bit crazy too. Ironically,  I just so happen to be writing the chapter on Building Habits in the book I am… Read more »

Body Image, Diets, and Damage to our Children

Diets are damaging, no matter which way you cut it.  In the “olden days”(way back when I was a kid), it seemed like there was an elite stature equated with thinness, and it was fashionable to be thin.  If someone said they were on a diet, everyone applauded.  Maybe it’s because I have been so ingrained in a non-diet paradigm for the entirety of my career,  that I sometimes mistakenly believe that people are recognizing the damage diets are doing,… Read more »

Taco Night…this week it was Pork Carnitas!

This recipe is so very easy and delicious, and I even had some of the leftovers on my baked potato…yum! This version of the recipe has been FODMAP modified, which in this case means the onion has been left out.  If you would like to make the recipe in it’s original form, then just add an onion cut into four quarters to the crock pot, and discard it when the meat is done cooking! The other modification that I sometimes… Read more »

Ways that dinner plans fail…#1 Talk of Barf

Well, our dinner plan for yesterday went up in a blaze of glory, due to poorly planned for circumstances that were NOT a surprise. How about that for your friendly neighborhood dietitian, ha! I had planned to make a pot of chili in the afternoon, but with all the excitement, it got away from me.  And, I realized that my husband (whose favorite dinner that is) would not be home to eat it or the leftovers.  And well, that’s it.… Read more »

Do you need meal planning ideas?

Given the incredible complexity of everyone’s lives these days, I believe that one of the main cornerstones for healthy eating is meal planning. Ugh!!!  I wish it wasn’t so, because it is kind of the Bain of my existence… specifically BECAUSE our lives are so multi-faceted!  I really don’t want to change that part because I love the variety and friends and activities and family time,  BUT it really makes creating awesome meals a challenge for me. I have found that when we… Read more »

Crock Pot Turkey Tenderloin

This is so simple, and is perfect paired with some roasted vegetables and a nice side of risotto or other grain of your choice!

You Are Invited!

Please join me for an open house to celebrate the opening of my new downtown Huntsville office! Instead of starting a diet this new year, start with a resolution to DITCH THE DIET, and truly create a life of health.

Noah’s Picks

My 11 year old thinks I need a spot on my website for “Noah’s Picks”.  This is the kind of material you could expect from that!  Video vegetable humor…definitely the only form in which a vegetable will be his pick!

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