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Does your favorite supper look anything like this? Probably not!

This is what my family calls ‘Southern Supper’, and it is a crowd favorite, right up there with ‘Polish Dinner’.  Next time my sweet mama has us over for that dinner I’ll be sure to post a picture! The ‘gut bombs’ (or pan fried cornbread), lovingly renamed by my Dad the first time he encountered them at my Nana and Gran-Gran’s house when he was dating my Mom, IS the staple item!  All Southern Supper’s, whether the summer or winter… Read more »

Student Athletes and Their Grown-Up’s

There are so many nutrition messages out there; it is a never-ending battle to decipher all the information.  It’s my job and my passion, and I still find it overwhelming.  How is the average person just trying to feed themselves and their family to know what to do? Then throw in a few extra factors, like kid’s sports, and it feels like a whole new topic!  It’s not a whole new topic though.  Some of the same principles apply, just… Read more »

Nutrition and Wellness Philosophy and Vision

To break the cycle of dieting that grips our society by providing resources and information to empower individuals to create behaviors that are truly healthy, sustainable, predictive of positive outcomes, and that fit into the fabric of a multi-faceted life.


There is always a lot of talk and research surrounding alcohol consumption, and as a dietitian I consider it my responsibility to let fellow wine and beer enthusiasts know the facts!

Writing goals, fun…doing them, not as!

Well, New Year goals are in full swing, and by full swing I mean the honeymoon phase of writing the goals is over, and the following through on goals is supposed to be happening! Writing goals is so much fun!  You actually feel like you are really doing something…all energized, excited, ready to do all these great things that look so spectacular…on paper! The Triple Braided New Year Challenge was actually set up in a way to make the goals manageable, and help reign us… Read more »

Stagger Goals

Stagger New Year’s goals over the course of the year for great results.  Need help with how?

SODA…Why must you cause such turmoil!

You know those parenting magazines that you start getting for free, immediately after the stick turns blue? Well, I remember reading an article in one of those, probably when I was pregnant with my first, in which there was a statement that really stuck with me.   The magazine had surveyed a bunch of parents/moms, and asked a series of “advice for the newbie” kinds of questions. Anyway, the question that caught my attention was something to the effect of:… Read more »

What IS this Family Wellness Challenge?

One of the daily challenge tasks listed here, we instituted a few weeks ago at our house and the result has been so interesting.

I discovered that our 6 year old is the task master…

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Wow, look at all the brilliant donations we have collected so far as added incentive for YOU!!!!  And we have even more lined up!  I am so thankful for all the great businesses willing to jump on board with Triple Braided Nutrition and Wellness! Register now, so you can get your materials and start gearing up! There are tasks worth points to complete each day, and it is all stuff that you can add into your busy schedule with just a touch… Read more »

Water IS Worthy!

Sometimes the simplest things have the greatest impact. Drinking enough water each day is definitely one of those things!   I am also stunned at the amount of pushback that I get to the suggestion/goal of drinking the proper amount of water each day. It’s almost as if the perception is that the payoff can’t really be all that great, so why bother. Or, that it is too simple of a solution and tackling something bigger, better, and with more… Read more »

Eggs – Polish Style

We call our decorated Easter eggs, the Polish eggs;  As it was my Dad’s family’s tradition and manner of egg decorating that we have been practicing every Easter since I can remember.  It is a bit of an art form that has always been a highlight of our Easter celebrations, and now as we pass on the tradition and craft to our children, it has a new appeal that somehow intermingles nostalgia with newness, awe, and wonder.  It’s funny how… Read more »


If you happen to live in Huntsville Alabama then there is no question what kind of allergies I am referring to, as it is the primary topic of conversation this time of year! I have no data to support my next statement, but am going to go ahead and declare Huntsville Alabama the Pollen and Allergy Capital of the WORLD!  It has to be true.  The allergy problems here are seriously epic.  The pollen count yesterday was (according to one… Read more »

The Stomach Bug

I mean really, I could do without EVER having that again…but the mere fact that it’s existence is not going to go away gives me a case of the cold, paranoid sweats.  Agh! So not only did the stomach bug*commence a day and half before we were leaving for New Orleans for a fun weekend adventure with the kids… to be followed by a week off school for Spring Break (in a cold Alabama).  It was also a week and… Read more »

Beer Good.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, I thought that a nice little segment on the virtues of beer was in order.  Wine tends to get some good press in the “can be healthy” category with all of it’s flavanoids and antioxidants,  but what about beer? Clearly, not made from grapes, but fermentation of barley must have it’s perks too right? Right!!! One to two alcoholic beverages per day (beer falls into that category) does appear to have some… Read more »

Chia Seeds

Super food or little grass pet? As I began hearing more and more about the chia seed, I was sure we were not talking about the same chia from the Chia Pet of the 80’s and 90’s.  You know the one with the earworm commercials…ch-ch-ch-chia!  If by chance you are too young (or too old)to remember, Chia Pets are terra cotta pots in the shapes of animals that you spread chia seeds on, and then they spout a grassy “fur”… Read more »

It’s Fat Tuesday!

                            What’s your plan for the next 40 days?  New years is always a popular time to set goals and make plans, but I really like to take the Lenten season as another opportunity to reassess where I am, and where I am going.   New Years is almost too overwhelming.  There is this compelling sense that we need to “fix” everything…our finances, our diet, our fitness… Read more »

Tips for Today!

  Pay attention while you eat.  For one meal today…Turn off the TV.  Don’t look at, talk on, or read your phone…resist the ding.  Sit at a table.  And eat.  Pay attention not only to your levels of hunger and fullness, but also to your satiety.  It does not matter how many calories you have eaten, if you didn’t eat anything that really satisfied you, then you may find yourself continuing to think about food and searching for another taste… Read more »

A Bowl of Snow

We got real snow in Alabama last week (a couple inches more than the dusting from the previous snow).  Enough for real snowmen, and real sledding anyway!  It was worth the three days of cancelled school for the children to get a taste of snow… …and I mean taste literally. This is the bowl of snow (leaves and all) that my five year old put in the freezer.  I saw her getting into the freezer every so often for a… Read more »

Delicious recipe from my favorite magazine!

The stew that I made for dinner last night was so delicious that I am going to have to share it!  It is one of six soup/stews in the most recent issue of Real Simple Magazine, and I have plans to make all of them. This is saying something, as I am a pretty low maintenance cook, but I like to try recipes that provide new/alternate ways to prepare healthy staples.  These recipes meet my main requirements…easy, interesting, and tasty… Read more »

Chunky Italian Vegetable Stew

This stew is surprisingly filling, super flavorful, and delicious! It came from Real Simple Magazine, March 2014 issue, with a couple changes.

You mean I have to eat breakfast AND get a load of protein with it?

Yes!   Some people love breakfast – they eat it every morning – they have no idea why so many people balk about it. But more often than that, what I hear from people is that they are: Too busy Not hungry in morning Eating breakfast makes them hungrier No time Just like to have coffee (yikes –  I just realized I forgot to have mine – that explains some things) This beautiful breakfast is what my friend, running buddy, and… Read more »

Deep Freeze in the South!

Well, here in the heart of the deep south,  school was delayed again due to straight up dog cold weather!  That did not stop my 5 and 10 year olds from running outside and trying to make snow angels and collect from crevices  the .4 inches of wee baby snowflakes that fell!  And just in case you missed the decimal point…that is point 4 inches of accumulation, per the weather man, and I think he was being generous. I almost… Read more »

Well Rounded Breakfast Ideas

Here are a handful of ideas if you are trying to broaden your breakfast horizons! The added protein at breakfast will help keep you full longer and decrease mid morning cravings and blood sugar lows.

Oven-Roasted Mushrooms and New Potatoes

This dish turns out perfectly every time, and is a perfect accompaniment to any grilled meat among other things. A friend served this at a dinner party 15 years ago, and was gracious enough to share the recipe…it has been a family favorite ever since! is LIVE!

I am so excited to begin blogging again, and to introduce my brand new beautiful website created by my brilliant brand design and marketing team, Thrive Creative Group! They have worked so hard, and in my humble opinion, created the perfect website for me to share new insights and offer fun and motivational challenges!

Stress Breakers

Cut out the printable tips below and place it on your refrigerator or inside your pantry door.

Satisfying your Appetite

One of the topics that I believe is key to address in almost all scenarios that involve giving nutrition advice is how important it is that we satisfy our appetite when we eat.

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