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Tuesday, June 3rd is the start of the Beat The Heat Summer Challenge.  It is a two week challenge intended to get you ready for the heat of a great summer.

Spoiler Alert: You will be given manageable tasks each day (drinking X amount of water, applying sunscreen, eating vegetables, and more) worth varying point amounts.  Support your team and work together to make it happen!

This challenge is for teams of five, so start pulling your people together and register below!

We are constantly working to make these challenges even better as well as fun, effective, and doable!  In so doing we have had the chance to assess the time commitment that they entail and found it necessary to  increase the entry fee…BUT

The great news is:

We have also teamed with some awesome local businesses in order to provide the winning team with an incredible prize package which will include items and gift cards from Zoe’s, Newks, Aggies Arts, Fresh Market, and Arbonne just to name a few!!! Let’s get this party started!!!

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