Let’s do something this year that will create lifelong change. We don’t need to detox, or jump start, or overhaul our body and life. What we need is to ditch the diet and create habits by design. This challenge is about honing our focus. We will move from overhauling our life in one fell swoop to designing our life one habit at a time. Because we all know the overhaul doesn’t work…and it’s not you, it’s the diet.

Grab your teammates and let’s be the leaders on the path to lasting habits and feeling great.

What you will get:

A list of evidence-based healthy nutrition tasks to complete each day for three weeks.

A tracking sheet to monitor your progress.

A worksheet to formulate one personal nutrition habit you want to institute or change and are prepared to work for.

An e-packet with corresponding nutrition tips, ideas, and recipes.

To be deliberately designing your life and your habits and moving in a positive and healthy direction.

The winning team will get a swag bag full of local goods and services. Check back here and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see some of the specific goodies and local businesses!

This is a three-week challenge beginning on January 11th. Five people per team, $25/person. Register below!  All registrants will receive their challenge packets on Tuesday January 9th.

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