Join  the Mardi Gras challenge beginning on March 5th and to go through April 20th.


The theme is planning ahead and will touch on many areas of wellness within the body, the mind, and the spirit. There will be both daily tasks as well as other tasks that you have a week or more to tackle. This challenge also happens to coincide with Lent, so enjoy your Fat Tuesday, and then jump on board with this challenge!



This challenge is for teams of four people, and is $5 per person. Start looking for your buddies now! It works well when it is people you either see regularly (work colleagues/neighbors/spouse) or communicate with frequently (phone, email, text).


It will provide you with some great guidelines as well as added incentive and motivation to do some things that will benefit and enhance your life.  Did I mention there are prizes for the top three teams!



Register in the Contact Us section to enter the Mardi Gras Wellness challenge.  Include which challenge you are committing to in the section titled “Message”, and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, and an official registration form.