What is mindful eating anyway?

It is:

Paying attention while eating

Noticing when your body says it is hungry

Noticing when your body begins to fill up

Noticing when you are full…or even stuffed

Recognizing the difference between being full and being satisfied


For some people, it is very important that they give themselves permission to eat in order to actually be able to eat mindfully.


What does that mean?


It means, that if all foods that are not “healthy” have been villainized,  then every time  one chooses to eat “un-allowed”  foods they feel guilty and berate themselves.  Mental self preservation will eventually take over, and the mind will think about other things while eating (usually in the form of watching TV, reading, working on computer, talking…), so that they don’t have to feel badly about themselves.

If the mind is thinking about other things, some people will continue eating past all the body’s stopping point signals.  Before they know it the plate is empty and they are overstuffed.


We all eat until we are stuffed and uncomfortable sometimes, and that is normal, okay, and to be expected.  However, if you eat until you are stuffed and uncomfortable more times than not, you will gain weight.


So, this March spend some time really paying attention while you eat:


Notice the taste, texture, and flavor of foods…whether you like them or not.

Eat slowly and chew your food well.

Notice when you begin to get full, but also notice if you are satisfied yet.  If something tastes really great, we might need a few extra bites before we are ready to put the fork down.  That is good!  Being satisfied is part of the eating experience.


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