Attention All Runners… Sign up for one of the runner’s nutrition challenges beginning Feb 4th for Half Marathon training and Feb 11th for 5K training!

Maximize your training and your runs by fueling your body properly, and make it fun by adding some friends, competitive spirit, and prizes!


This challenge is for teams of three people.  You may create your team with fellow runners and/or you can pull other friends in that you think may be interested in participating.

These challenges will last for four weeks.  It will provide you with some great guidelines as well as added incentive and motivation to optimize your fueling for running!

Interested?  Send a message through the contact section at or send an email to, and you will receive a registration form; or call to register at 256-333-1173.  Challenges are $5 per person, and all registrants will receive the specifics of the challenge and a tracking sheet for the challenge once registration is received.