Are you ready to make a commitment that will take you through the winter months, and hopefully beyond?  It can be difficult to adjust our schedules for new activities, but when we give it some effort, and stick to it for 3 months, the chances of it sticking with us increases dramatically!

You may already be uber physically active, or you may 100% inactive…either way you are perfect for this challenge.

Specifics: Add one NEW physical activity to your current routine OR add one DAY of an activity that you already do.

For example:  If you already run two days per week, you may choose to add one spin class to your routine OR you may choose to add a third day of running to your routine.

Details: Register here to enter the free Seasonal challenge.  Include which challenge you are committing to in the section titled “Message”, and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Commit to the Winter Workout Seasonal Challenge and be entered into the Triple Braided Monthly Incentives Drawing for each month of winter!