Ditch the Diet

How to reclaim your health and enjoy food.

By: Julie S Satterfeal, MS, RDN, LD

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Together, once and for
all, let’s break the cycle 
of dieting that grips us as
individuals and as a society. 


Ditch the Diet will take you on a journey through the Evolution of a Dieter, looking closely at where body dissatisfaction and dieting begins, and how many of our standards of body, mind, and spirit will sabotage our attempts at weight loss and nutritional health.
The mission of Ditch the Diet is to help you
realign your thought processes as they relate
to food, nutrition, dieting, and health.

Join me in discovering:

  • Why diets fail and how human nature is designed to resist dieting
  • Healthy and effective ways to achieve manageable nutrition and wellness goals
  • Methods of preserving your quality of life and enjoyment of food

This guide will help you move out of the dangerous dieting cycle and create behaviors that are truly healthy, sustainable, and predictive of positive outcomes.

Nourish your body and yourself with new concepts and
tools that will fit into the fabric of a multifaceted life.

The dieting trifecta is a term I use to describe how our intellectual mind, emotional mind, and physical body come together to resist dieting. It is the Bermuda Triangle for dieters.

It’s a place approximately 97 percent of all dieters
will end up, along with every pound they have ever
lost still stuck to their bodies.

If you have dieted, lost weight, gained it back again, and dieted again, then you are probably there. Once you are in the Dieting Trifecta, you cannot escape by dieting.

You just can’t. You want to, and you will keep trying to, and society will tell you to, but you will fail. To get out of the Dieting Trifecta, you must stop dieting.  In this book I will tell you why and show you how.

For Registered Dietitians & Health Care Professionals

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