Suffering with IBS?  Learn more about FODMAP’s.  Here are some resources by the leading experts in FODMAP’s.

If you want to tackle a FODMAP elimination diet to see if they may be causing some of your distress, be sure to work with a dietitian versed in this specialty. It is a complicated diet, and the elimination phase is not intended to be permanent.

We want to discover your personal intolerance level, and then liberalize your diet accordingly!  So that your diet can include as many foods as possible without distress.


FODMAP Resources and References 


“The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook” and 

“IBS Free at Last!” By Patsy Catsos, MS RD LD

I follow the protocols that she has developed in my IBS/FODMAP counseling. She has very thorough explanations and food lists that are helpful.

 A New IBS Solution By Mark Pimental, MD

He is a leading expert and researcher on bacterial overgrowth and it’s relationship to IBS. This book is very informative, easy to read, and full of solutions that you can take straight to your doctor for further inquiry.

 The Inside Tract By Gerard Mullin, MD and Kathie Swift, MS RD LDN

This book is a great digestive health resource and would be a benefit in every household in the United States. It will give you a new appreciation for the role that our gut and the food we put in it plays in our overall health. Amazing.

 The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet By Sue Shepherd, PhD and Peter Gibson, MD

The FODMAP diet is the brain child of these two practitioners and researchers in Australia. They put all the pieces of the puzzle together and have compiled the initial FODMAP food databases through individual food testing that they have conducted. In addition to great background information, this book also has a nice selection of recipes.

Low FODMAP Cooking with Kate Scarlata and

The Low FODMAP Diet – Step by Step

Kate is a wonderful dietitian in the Boston area specializing in digestive health and the FODMAP diet. She has a great blog where she is continuously posting new and delicious FODMAP friendly recipes. This cookbook is a compilation of some of these favorites plus more.

Above mentioned website where you can read her blog and purchase her cookbook and other helpful handouts.

My website and blog, and a resource for FODMAP information as well as many other general wellness nutrition topics.

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