Julie, this book is so amazing. The writing is fantastic. The information is so interesting. And the affirmations are so good. I want to read it all right now but I also want to save it so it won’t be over. Congratulations. This is a remarkable achievement.

— Angela R.

Love it! Reading your book is just like sitting and talking with you. I am so impressed with your passion! Stellar job!!!

— Carrie B.

I read half the book while traveling a couple weeks ago. I have truly loved what I have read so far. It’s smart yet easy to read. Personable which helps people relate. I LOVE that the second half is devoted to solutions. I LOVE how you have normalized occasionally making all the “wrong” choices. Personally, I stopped reading to focus on the satiety meter to help retrain some old disordered eating. Woohoo and I know you must be so proud.

— Jessica L.

This book is matter of fact, easy to read, appropriately informative, accurately representative of the literature, and effectively captures Julie’s sense of humor; in a few places I even laughed out loud. This is a must-read for anyone wanting answers to the validity of typical diet trends or looking for commonsense approaches to eating. You can trust expert dietitian Julie Satterfeal to provide excellent advice as she combines her appreciation and knowledge of food and nutrition with her love for people.

— Mardell A. Wilson, EdD, RD, LDN  Dean and Professor, Doisy College of Health Sciences, Saint Louis University

Just finished your book! I love it! It was easy to read/understand, I thought you hit so many important points for all to keep in mind. Now I have some work to do! LOL!

— Lara H.

Ditch the Diet is a breath of fresh air! For years, many of us have been taught about good foods and bad foods, and these lessons have created negative relationships with food and, often times, our own bodies. Julie’s book takes a hard look at the psychology of dieting and how it negatively impacts our long term health goals. Filled with nutrition research and real-life advice about eating and creating healthy habits, Ditch the Diet offers readers the information they need to enjoy food again. 

— Rachel Eubanks inspiretoengage.com