Julie, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for presenting the NE webinar on Thursday! Absolutely stellar dynamics, content and practical advice for the webinar participants. 
The early feedback has been through the roof.  Thank you for your time and support during this entire process and execution of the event! We look forward to working with you in the future. 

— Moe S. Nutrition Entrepreneurs Committee, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

“I’ve heard Julie talk a lot of times, and the thing I like about her is that I always learn something new. And her message always comes down to the same thing which is that the most important thing is health—not weight, but doing what is best for our health.”

— Tony P. Fleet Feet Training Program Attendee

“Julie spoke with clarity. Her message was encouraging as she emphasized the importance of accepting our bodies and allowing ourselves to enjoy food, eating from all the food groups. She definitely discouraged all fad diets.”

— Louise Boller “Free Spirits” Ditch the Diet Program Attendee

 “I liked Julie’s enthusiasm for her subject as well as the breadth of knowledge and experience that was shared. I loved the presentation and the stories that illustrated her points.”

— Betty French “Free Spirits” Ditch the Diet Program Attendee

“Who knew what the impact of going to Starbucks for coffee would produce? I have now participated in the writing process with a published author. . .this same author quickly moved from stranger to friend. My community has widened enabling me to further my impact and community all resulting from a conversation with a lady writing a book. I met a Hokie with a zest for life who delicately embraces human frailty and the nuances of life.” 

— Pastor Marcus J. Singleton