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Group Wellness and Nutrition Programs

Ditch the Diet – signature group program

Empowering shame free eating and strategies for authentic health

This is for those looking for genuine food and nutrition answers and a way to feel good without diets and crazy rituals.

What does this 3-month program include and what can you expect to receive from it?

We meet six times asa group over the course of three months:

Beginning with a kick-off workshop in which we will cover the details of our shame free and intuitive eating paradigm. This includes how we will be rejecting diet culture and taking back our health with renewed love and understanding for our bodies in all their shapes and sizes. 

During these meetings we cover material from Ditch the Diet, walking through the Evolution of a Dieter, the causes of diet culture and it’s adverse physical and psychological effects. Then we move into the good news in the solutions section. Here we will create personal plans for how to achieve a sustainable well-rounded healthy and happy relationship with food, while rejecting diets in all forms.

You get one personal copy of Ditch the Diet – How to reclaim Your Health and Enjoy Food

You receive weekly reading from Ditch the Diet and supportive articles that will provide the framework for this program.

Throughout the program there are tangible ways to apply what we are learning with accountability in a supportive environment. We will be able to discuss successes and setbacks, and have hands on learning for what an anti-diet approach to health looks and feels like. I’ll give you a hint: liberating!

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Who’s appropriate for this program and who is not? You will get the most out of this program if you are in the correct mindset to tackle this right now. The program is also more beneficial for everyone involved if the participants have compatible goals and expectations.

You ARE a fit for this program if:

You want to take action and be healthier but don’t know the best route to take.

You mostly recognize the harmful nature of diets, but are confused and frustrated, and want some real answers about eating, diets, food and nutrition.

You hear talk about intuitive eating and body acceptance and wonder how that fits into your health objectives.

You don’t ever want to experience the anxiety, stress, and shame of another diet.


You are NOT ready for this program if:

You are looking for a quick fix and your focus is weight loss.

You want a calorie level to follow and specific lists of good and bad foods.

You want weigh-ins and to set weight loss goals.


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