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Take The Challenge

Do you ever wonder why some people make regular exercise and healthy eating seem so seamless?  Me too!!!  What makes the difference between “success and failure” when it comes to wellness behaviors?  First we have to redefine success and failure, as they can both be positive entities if viewed properly, but that’s a separate post!

I have spent tons of time assessing this enigma, and I have some theories.  The Triple Braided Challenges are one of the offspring of these theories…in fact all of Triple Braided is an off shoot of trying to create resources to make everyone more successful in their personal wellness journey.

What Triple Braided Challenges will do for you:

    • They are designed to provide that wee bit of extra incentive that sometimes our own personal grit and resolve does not always supply.  Peer pressure and prizes, on the other hand, have freakish powers of persuasion!
    • They will help create incremental habit changes over time.
    • They will allow you the opportunity to see what you can really do and accomplish.
    • They infuse nutrition and wellness tips, tricks, and information to assist you on your journey.
    • They are built in accountability, which for most of us, is the difference!

To register for a Triple Braided Challenge go to the Contact Us at the bottom right of this page…fill in your contact information, and write in the message section which challenge you are taking!  You will receive a message back within 24 hours confirming your entry.

Habits By Design Nutrition and Wellness Challenge

Let’s do something this year that will create lifelong change. We don’t need to detox, or jump start, or overhaul our body and life. What we need is to ditch the diet and create habits by design. This challenge is about honing our focus. We will move from overhauling our life in one fell swoop to designing our life one habit at a time. Because we all know the overhaul doesn’t work…and it’s not you, it’s the diet. Grab your… Read more »

Breakfast Blitz Challenge

Do you need a little incentive to help some healthy habits stick?  Find a few teammates, and join this challenge that begins January 19th, 2016! Breakfast is a game changer, and knowing some tricks that will work for you can make all the difference.  This challenge will give you specific tasks to get you started down the right path, and that makes everyone a winner!  However, if your team racks up the most points over the course of the challenge, then you will also win… Read more »

May Madness Challenge

I hear May is the new December, so we’re going to keep it simple, while reminding ourselves that we can still do small things! This is a two week challenge, for teams of five people, that will begin on May 7th! Find your people and get registered here.  You will receive a confirmation of your registration within 24 hours, and your team challenge packet 1-2 days prior to the challenge start date.  NOTE: Registration is discounted when you pay for your whole team at… Read more »

2015 New Year Challenge

It is so tempting to rewrite our whole life for the New Year… We are all just sure that if we are organized and deliberate enough then we can finally be perfect this year.  The definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!  Don’t be insane in 2015. Let’s make a commitment to take it slow and steady this year and help these new habits stick… Join the New Year Challenge for direction, tips, and… Read more »

The Family Wellness Challenge!

Would you like some fun activities, ideas, motivation, and PRIZES for spending quality time with your family this summer? Take this next challenge!!! It will include togetherness in the form of: Outdoor activities Board games Cooking and Eating Drinking plenty of water Gratitude activities A Service project And more!!!   Your team is your family that is living under the same roof…that could be any number or combination of willing participants.  For example, your family may be: You and your spouse… Read more »

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