So,  I was watching the Biggest Loser last night (which I love, and some of the inadvertent discoveries they have made are awesome and changing the way we look at morbid obesity) when something happened in the show and I realized I had another topic that desperately needs to be addressed! 

 I’ll talk more about some of the groundbreaking discoveries the show is making, but first…my tirade. 

There are 7 contestants left on the show this season, and they were competing in a nutrition knowledge contest where they were answering multiple choice questions.

  Now for those of you who are not familiar with this little piece of pop culture reality genius known as The Biggest Loser, I will tell you that these people have been on this “ranch” with personal trainers exercising 4-5 hours a day and supposedly learning how to eat well for the past 9 weeks!  They are losing massive amounts of weight each week, due in large part by the extreme calorie deficits, and increase in metabolism that they are creating  with their exercise regimes.

When their quiz question asked, and I paraphrase “ which of the following food groups will provide you with the most energy?”

A.       Meats and protein

B.       Fruits and vegetables

C.       Grains and beans

D.       Fats, oils, and sweets

Only ONE contestant got the answer correct!!!  And he got it correct because he recalled his days as a professional football player and how they were encouraged to eat carbohydrates for energy to perform well.  The answer is CCCCCCCC!!!!!!! 

 I get my panties in a twit because,  

First of all these people are exercising in amounts consistent with endurance athletes…This is one of the primary pieces of information that should be drilled into their brains in order for them to be able to efficiently and effectively work out and recover from workouts. 

And secondly, because this is a prime example of how the precepts of fad diets have become so ingrained in our brains that their premises are not only followed, but the mis-information is now what many people think is fact. 

My question is, were The Biggest Loser contestants never taught this, or more probably, when under pressure, what they remember is the garbage that is all over book shelves making money at their expense!!!!! 

Now, let’s briefly discuss the reality.

Carbohydrates give us energy, and we need them to BE ABLE to workout. 

They give our brains energy and allow us to BE ABLE to think. 

They provide us with essential nutrients that fight diseases. 

They should make up at least half of our total calories. 

It is essential that we eat them to replace our glycogen stores after intense workouts especially those lasting over 60 minutes. 

They are awesome! 

They DO NOT, by their design, make us fat!

Protein is also awesome, but it is NOT our primary energy source.

Protein will rebuild muscles AFTER a workout.

Excessive amounts are not beneficial, but are actually a stressor on our systems and a toxin that our kidneys must process and eliminate.

Protein DOES NOT, by its design, make us lose weight.

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I will address your questions in subsequent blogs, or on Twitter if the answer is short J.