In order to really live a healthy and happy lifestyle, the first phase is to recognize that nothing stands alone.  What I mean by that is that to maintain lifelong wellness, we can’t just “do it with food” or “do it with exercise”, or isolate other healthy behaviors as the ”key” to all things healthy and good.  We have to find a way to merge it all together that is doable and fun!

Next, there is a level of commitment that has to happen along with a level of moderation.  The thing that is so great about starting something new (such as a diet…yikes) is the level of motivation, excitement, adrenaline, and momentum that we feel.  It gives us that feeling of being able to handle anything, an immovable force to be reckoned with!  The trick is being able to reign that feeling in enough not to go overboard while also being able to conjour up those same feelings when we need them to stay focused.  Strength, resolve, commitment…Focus on why it is important, why you are doing it, and put those reasons on paper.  Post them on your bathroom mirror or on your car dashboard.

As we all know, anything worth having takes effort, and that definitely includes our wellness.  But the level of effort should not be so exorbitant that it creates fallout in the other areas of our lives.  I mean, this is important, but so are a ton of other things! It has to find just the right fit in our lives, and that really does look different for different people.  There is not one specific answer for everyone, although I do believe that a cornerstone for most people is flexibility, moderation, and commitment!