Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  I hope that everyone’s cup was filled with some of the timeless and profound words of that great man today.


I also hope that a lot of you are thinking about my 12 in 12 challenge!  If you think some very direct accountability will help you in sticking to your goal, then find a buddy!  It is amazing how much motivation a little peer pressure and saving face offer! 


Week two, and my meals are planned again.  However, I have to say that a strong push was the accountability of this blog, and that I told all ya’ll my goal…dang it.  It seems like an easy task, which is why I am always tempted to lump it in with regular day to day “should do’s” instead of making it a bona fide GOAL. 

But seriously, it takes effort, and this weekend I really wanted to put it off and worry about it “later” aka “never” .  Now that it’s done though, I have a sense of relief heading into my week…like one of my daily tasks is already checked off. EXCELLENT.  I love it when a plan comes together!


So, moral of the story…

Find a buddy

Tell them what you are doing (and your goal this month)

See if they will join you (and pick their own personal goal)


Onto another subject.  See below for my latest email conversations with my friend Julie in Oregon.  Her questions, concerns, and obstacles are so common.  And while she has twists that make this her story, I hope that my answers to her are proving helpful to others as well.


Still have no idea how to take comments on my blog, but feel free to follow me on twitter and send comments/questions to me there.




Ok….I tried the new class at the gym…..for about 30 SECONDS! I asked MULTIPLE times if there were any dance components to the class…everyone said “Oh, no, it’s nothing like Zumba or anything like that.” Where there is grapevine, there are dance moves. I get REALLY stressed out with anything dance-y, so I was outta there. I once, when we lived in Auburn, ran crying from a BEGINNING step class. I have enough stress in my life, I don’t need gym stress. So, I went out to the treadmill and ran two miles then did a bunch of weight lifting: much better!


I have also decided to try giving up dairy again. I almost killed the whole neighborhood last night with my methane plumes (thankfully, my family is used to me). I’ll see what happens.  I’ve been doing some research on protein powders and cleanses and all of that. I’ve decided to change up my morning meal with a protein shake (no dairy : ) and see if that helps. I am going to pass on the Arbonne stuff at this point in time due to the price (sorry). I have an organic supply company that I regularly order from that has some good powders and metabolism boosters, all vegan, all natural, great price. I’ll give it a go. 


That’s where I’m at this week. Still logging, still no significant changes. Still working.




Sorry about aerobics…I do prefer running myself.  But actually, you don’t need a dance type class, more of a circuit training/boot camp style.  You will move your body in a more 3D fashion (for lack of a better descriptor), but it should not take rhythm or following “moves”. 


Most of them use lots of isometrics, ropes, medicine balls, sprints, squats, jumping.  Things that require your body to move in multiple planes, not just forward.  That is what has been shown to really boost metabolism and burn fat!


I think giving up the dairy is a good plan.  Try it for 30 days, and see how your body responds.  I am attaching a 30 day detox plan.  It eliminates dairy, gluten, soy, alcohol, caffeine…all of it.  But just modify it for yourself, and let me know if you have questions about it. 


The morning shake is a great idea.  Make sure that it has enough calories and fat/protein to sustain you through the morning, and to where you’re not getting major hunger pains an hour or two after having it.  Otherwise that can sabotage a good effort. 


Consider writing down your hunger level at meal times also.  Scale of 1 – 10.  One = not hungry at all.  10 = starving.  This may help gage when your body needs more.


Also, if weight is still staying the same, then the base calorie level for you may be too high.  If that is the case, then dropping about 200 calories from repertoire may help while making sure that you are getting substantial protein and fat to help with satiety.


Protein and fat slow the rate that your stomach empties, so it helps keep you full longer.  But have to have enough carbs to sustain energy levels and blood glucose.  Aim for 25% of your calories from protein, and based on your hunger levels distribute them throughout the day accordingly.  Definitely try for 20 grams in the morning though.  I think that will help!


No problem with the Arbonne!  Use whatever is best for you and your budget.  I just know Arbonne’s products really well, so in terms of any kind of supplementing, I have researched all their ingredients, and have used it all to know about usefulness, taste, how to incorporate, etc.


Chat soon,




Thanks for the latest. The class was supposed to be a combo of weights and jumping, etc., but I just couldn’t make it past the dance-y intro. Ah, well, running season is about to take off, so I’ll focus on that (and keep up my weight training and spinning and physical therapy…ugh!).


I tried just having a big shake (20g. protein scoop of powder, almond milk, half a banana, some peaches)  on Sunday morning….sure enough, I only lasted an hour and a half before getting hungry. I stretched it to two hours (mostly because we were in church and I don’t munch during services) but I felt like I had to keep eating from that point to make it to lunch. My concern is that this was a non-exercise day. On days I do work out, I know my hunger levels go up a bit just afterwards. My frustration, too, with higher protein items is that although they help with hunger, they also carry a lot more calories. I’ll try to track the ratios you’ve suggested…as with everything, I’ll see what happens!


I’m going to meet with a friend here who has gone to culinary school to help her family with their dietary needs (they recently discovered three of them have Celiac). She has worked a lot with wellness shakes and has a lot of non-dairy ideas too. I’m hoping to get some creative ideas from her (it helps that her husband is an MD). 



Great idea to meet with your friend…food ideas are key!  Does your protein powder have some fat in it too?  Mine has about 3.5 grams fat.  Plus in that shake you made, I make similar, but add either a scoop of peanut butter OR 6-8 oz. greek yougurt. 


I find it can hold me for 3 ½ to 4 hours (most days).  We are all different, so just may be that, but my shake also adds significant amount of fat and protein on top of what you did.  Mine runs about 340 calories. 

Protein and carbs have the same amount of calories per gram, but most protein sources are denser, so it looks like less food.  But with it’s slower rate of gastric emptying it should take you a little farther.


Also, remember that these moderate sustainable changes will in the long run take you farther, but will also take longer for the weight to come off.  So, don’t expect to see dramatic changes on the scale in the short term.  Unless of course you are making dramatic calorie cuts or huge exercise expenditures.  Try to keep it real, and give yourself time.




The other thing that I forgot to mention, is that some days you will just be more hungry.  And there may be no explanation that you can pinpoint. 


Your body may be catching up from a tough workout the day before, or is fighting off some germ you picked up, or a host of other things.  Be true to your hunger. 


 Also, sometimes drinking your meal won’t cut it.  If it is one of those days, either skip the smoothie, or have a lighter calorie smoothie with a piece of peanut butter toast or an egg, or something.  You get the gist. 

Satiety isn’t all about the calories sometimes, but also about chewing, texture, flavor, etc.


Anyway, just wanted to add that.

Have a great day!






Thanks….the last two days I’ve had part of a smoothie plus either peanut butter bread or a small bowl of cereal. I’ve not had a day go by in several years where my body didn’t need food every 2 hours if I’m awake…it is my rhythm. I’m down a pound and a half, but last week was my period, so who knows (I didn’t weigh last week at all-aren’t you proud?!).



PS-I started mixing coconut milk with the almond milk to my smoothies to add a bit of fat. (5 grams)