Don’t be fearful of the candy!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, or the junk food as the case may be.

 A topic that I believe is at the crux of many eating “issues”, and I use that term BROADLY, has to do with how in tune we are to our body’s natural ability to internally regulate hunger and satiety.  Total mouthful there, but put more simply…do you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full? 

We are born with this ability, and man is it accurate.  Look at nursing babies for the picture of perfection.  They cry when they are hungry, and they stop eating when they are full.  We don’t know exactly how many ounces they are getting each time, but whatever it is, it is spot on.   Their body regulates how much they need to grow at the perfect pace determined by biology, their own genetics, and their metabolism. 

Now being the controlling adults that we are, it may be tempting to try to micro-manage that system in our children, the way many of us do to OURSELVES!  But my ultimate message here is…don’t do it!  It rarely ends well!  This topic is huge, and touches a lot of really important areas.  For that reason I am going to continue on this course throughout this week.  I will be posting something everyday,  in order to try and paint the full picture here.

For now, I am going to be brief, and sign off here.  As it is Halloween, and I have some major food and costume preparations to attend to!

Enjoy your evening, and have some treats…your dietitian said so!  Cheers!!!