Hey Julie-To answer your questions, as best I can recall, I was given a 1700 calorie limit for maintaining my weight. If you want to calculate it yourself, I’m 39, 5’6, weigh 169-172 on any given day. 


As for feeling sated after meals, breakfast always fills me up. Lunch…not as much (for example, I just finished eating about an hour ago and am already feeling lightheaded and needing a protein boost).

I have been trying to limit my plate size, so I sometimes feel hungry an hour after supper as well. My snack spread is something like this: breakfast 6:30AM; snack 8:30AM, snack 10:30AM, lunch 12PM, snack 2:30-3PM, supper 5PM, snack 7PM. I tend to crave sweets most after lunch. I’m usually pretty good with eating yogurt and nuts and healthy snacks in the morning. My afternoons slide a bit more…I might have a piece of bread with peanut butter, but then want to keep eating, even with supper an hour and a half away. 


As for exercise, I plan on taking a new class that is being offered at my gym (finally a boot-camp type class that is FREE with membership) that is supposed to work all muscles groups, use plyometrics, stuff like that. Rhett works day and night, 6 days a week, so getting out in the evenings to exercise is not a reality for me until summer when he is off. We talked about your idea at lunch today….the boys are all for getting a treadmill at home, however, we have no place to put it (really, we only have 960 sq. feet!).  I’m willing to be creative, but I also have some limitations that I don’t have control over (i.e., Rhett’s schedule). 


As you mentioned, I’m very aware of muscles weighing more than fat, weight fluctuations, and general physiology of exercise. What I’m struggling with is that I’m supposedly doing all of the “right” things but my pants don’t fit! And my belly is flabby (not just from kiddos either!).  I know a big piece of my issue is food-balancing my blood sugars with tying to cut some calories. I very much appreciate your help in detecting what might work for me. 





Hey there,


I am so glad your gym is going to offer the boot camp as part of membership!  Mine does not, but wish they did as well.  I think that will be a great addition to your exercise regime, and will help give your metabolism one of the boosts that it needs.


1700-1800 calories per day to maintain is a good estimate.  I know you are super diligent and are recording all that you are eating as well as your exercise amounts.  However,  since you are not losing weight and are eating approx 1800 calories per day plus burning off 400-500 calories in exercise, then we know something isn’t adding up.  And it is probably a combination of things:

1.        Your personal metabolism may be slower than what the formula dictates for you.

2.        Since you do make a lot of your own food/baked goods, the calories listed in the computer system may be less than what you are actually consuming.  Consider that you are not rolling out a standard size cookie like a machine is, so the sizes probably vary (and the calories with it).

3.        Your meals are well balanced and are averaging 400 calories.  When we add up your snacks throughout the day they are averaging 635 calories and tend to be less nutrient dense. 

4.        Water retention!


So, considering those ideas as a working hypothesis of why we are not seeing weight loss, my advice for this moment is as follows J:

1.        Modify your main meals a touch by adding in more lean protein, especially at breakfast.  I think that will help balance the blood sugars more while also helping to keep you satiated longer.  This should in turn naturally help with my next suggestion…

2.        Which is to decrease the total calories of your snacks.  I know this is holiday season and you are getting more sweets than usual, so your log may not be what it looks like the rest of the year.  But, we still want to get the pounds and habits that sometimes come with December to go away!  You know I am not an advocate of cutting out favorite things, so that is not what I’m advising.  But those snack calories may be one of the culprits.  If you aim to increase the lean protein, I truly think the cravings for the sweet snacks will diminish because your blood sugar will stay more stable.

3.        Look at your food log and see how much fiber you are averaging per day.  The goal is to be getting between 25 and 35 grams per day!  It’s a lot, and you can’t jump up to that amount.  Must do it gradually and with plenty of fluids.  Aim to get to that amount by the end of January.  This will also help with satiety and balancing blood sugars.

4.        Watch your sodium intake.  You are probably hyper sensitive to it.  Again, look at food log.  General recommendation is under 2400mg per day.  If you are already there, I would cut it more… 1500-1800mg.


These suggestions are the first line of defense.  I also really love a lot of the nutritional products that Arbonne offers, and have found some of them to be super beneficial for many different reasons/issues. 

 We have a 30 day detox and healthy living program that may be a fantastic jumpstart for you.  Those 30 days are intense, but they can tell us a lot if you have some sensitivities, and they also give you a springboard of ideas and new resources.  There is a new facebook page some consultants put together with videos, recipes, ideas, etc. called manage the damage.  I haven’t finished looking at it, but it may have some potential for you. I’ll forward that info on for you too to check out. 

 I personally LOVE the protein powder and have discovered/invented some delicious shakes that are very surprisingly satisfying!  And all their ingredients are vegan, and gluten, dairy, and soy free plus all of their other strict health guidelines are followed.  You can read more about their products in general at www.arbonne.com if you want.


Ok, I hope this is not information overload.  Let me know if you have questions, and call me if you want to cover some of this in “person”.


Hang in there!