Wow, so it is not hard to see how quickly good habits can be broken!  All it takes is a little shake-up to our everyday routine to really put the kibosh on good intentions.  The end of the kids school year and the start of summer with swim and dive season, and all that goes along with it, has really thrown me a curve ball!  I am certainly not swimming, drowning is more like it.

I may have put something together though.  In order to really be successful in any worthwhile endeavors in our lives, I think that we have to be open to the idea that we will constantly be “re-launching” ourselves. 

What I mean,  is that it is so easy to give up completely when we feel like we have not done or completed something to the standard that we set for ourselves.  And,  we can either use the “mini failure” as a new starting point to try again with newfound information we gained from the process,  or we can quit completely and make the failure permanent.  True success in anything generally does not happen on the first try.  It is a succession of repeated attempts with a lot of trial and error at every turn.

The part of this that I think is most poignant is that it extrapolates to EVERY part of our lives, and EVERYTHING worthwhile that we want to do or accomplish.  This means that it is not just our profession that should be tackled with gut wrenching tenacity, but also our exercise regime, eating habits, parenting skills, relationship building, prayer habits, financial goals, communication skills, etceteras.  The list really could be endless.

So, think about what you want to re-launch today.  Consider what the kyboshing factor was, learn from it, let it go, and begin again.

I am re launching my weekly blog post! Peace!