Lou Holtz did a fantastic job as one of the keynote speakers at the Thrivent Financial Peak Performers Conference that my husband and I were invited to attend last week.  He was engaging, funny, authentic, and good!  The content of his talk was informative and inspirational in an “anyone can be successful” kind of way.  He truly provided the audience with a game plan for success in a down to earth, real manner, with so much humor that the laughter would sometimes drown out the next bit of valuable advice he offered!

I was really impressed at the time, and even more so as I have realized in the days since, that components of what he said keep coming back to me.  Pieces of the same wisdom are applying in various areas of my life.  What a complement to his message…that it could be engaging and beneficial at the time, yet also cross over into being valuable information in other areas of daily living.

He had only been speaking for less than a minute when I went scrambling in my purse for a pen and paper, because I realized there was going to be stuff worth writing down, and I may want to “remember” what he said later.  Ironically though, I have yet to reread my notes, since the messages he spoke about are still roaming around in my head without needing reminders.  Huh, how often does that happen?  Not often enough, that’s for sure.  But wouldn’t it be great if all the great pieces of wisdom we needed to hear each day, came right at the proper moment, and then stuck with us when we needed to draw on it? 

Timing is definitely one element, but so is the method/medium/way in which information is disseminated.  If only my high school teachers had taught history the way great historical novelists write books, I may have gone into an entirely different professional field.  I guess, as it stands, my biology teacher was the more engaging and interesting purveyor of information, as he made vitamins and minerals come alive…weird.

So, back to Lou Holtz, and what I actually wanted to share!  He made a comment about maintaining our status quo that hit a cord with me.  He said, “you’re either growing or you’re dying”. 

I interpret this, in other words as, you are either moving forward or your going backwards, but there is no such thing as standing still.  We don’t ever really “arrive” at our destination, when we can sit back, relax and say, okay I’m done.  Because, that is when we have the backslide, and have to keep moving forward again to reach the “maintenance” again.  To truly continue being successful in whatever area of life we are looking at we must constantly be growing and improving ourselves because otherwise we will be dying and losing ground.

What is so weird is that this really does apply in all areas of our lives.  I was even thinking about this concept with respect to my morning runs.  When I am training for something, like a half marathon, I slowly increase my daily miles.  Those increased miles become the norm and get easier with time.  However, if after the race, I fall back to the short 3 mile morning runs, then that becomes the norm, and takes the same amount of effort that the 6 and 7 mile runs took only a few weeks prior.

Same thing with my business.  I can maintain for a couple weeks, but then if I am not working, my business begins to die or backslide.  I always have to be growing and moving forward, or else it is not going to exist at all.

Same thing with weight loss.  If you have ever been overweight and then lost weight, then you know that to “maintain” your new weight, there is still effort involved.  If you go back to the lifestyle that created the weight gain, or stop putting forth any effort, then the weight will return.  It is a constant process, and you are never “done”.

At first, it may seem a little disconcerting to think that you can never rest, but actually it is more empowering and motivating.  It shows us the truth that we have already arrived and are already successful with every step, but will continue to “arrive” over and over again at new and improved levels of success.  It’s NOT that we are “never good enough” and must keep trying harder, it’s that we are already great and continuing to get even better.  I LOVE THAT!

So that is my revelation of the week.  I hope that it speaks to you as well!