March 5th already!  I hope that thinking about one new habit to create each month is a helpful concept.  It has been challenging for me to remember to think about my new “stuff” each day (especially now that we are in month three), but I feel good about the changes. 

I find myself slacking a little on my past two months in order to get a handle on the new month, but since my first two month’s habits have become, “more of a habit”, I am still able to hang on to them without as much conscious effort…if that makes sense! 

For example, I may not get my weeks meals planned on Saturday(as was my ideal plan), but by the time I plan Monday’s dinner, it seems like I am able to pound out the rest of the week with more ease as well.  As for our finances, I had planned to log expenses in spreadsheet each night.  And while I didn’t get it in there every single night, since it was on my mind to make that effort, I usually got it in the next day.  I also found that I naturally created some other “systems” in order to make my goals more feasible.  In the case of spending, I began jotting down random expenses during the day, so I didn’t have to think so hard or find where to look it up when ready to log it in the spreadsheet .

That all sounds really common sense and basic.  But somehow I think when we come up with the solution on our own, instead of someone else telling us how to solve/fix/make easier, then we have more ownership of it.  And for some reason that seems to make everything jive and work just a bit better.

So, the moral is to just do it, even if you don’t feel like you have all the answers or solutions before you begin.  Getting started, in and of itself, has a way of working out some of the kinks.  We have a way of problem solving and simplifying things once we get into the think of it.  

The habit that I am trying to form for March is to contact at least three customers each day to follow up with and check in on them.  That should be a regular part of my business, but it is amazing how easy it is to let that slide when other aspects of my life get hairy!  So, I hope that by making this a goal and a conscious effort, that I will find some ways to make it easier, and not let it slide in the future!