I had a brilliant idea… at the last minute, of course.  Somehow the closer an impending deadline becomes, the more efficiently my brain functions!    

My oldest child turned 10 on Wednesday, and on Monday I had the excellent idea of giving her bedroom a surprise makeover.  However, I had absolutely no idea what to do, or where to start, so I called my very talented friend and interior decorator,  Jennifer (www.jennifermullin.com)  for help.  Fortunately for me she had a spare 30 minutes to pop over and take a look, and that is all it took for her to come up with a quick, easy, cheap, functional, and beautiful design plan!  Wow, I love a creative brain!

Did I mention that my darling eldest child loves everything, and loves it best when it is ALL in plain sight!

Reading, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, origami, beading, barbies, stuffed animals, dolls, purses, totes, boxes, bags, shoes, clothes, costumes, jewelry, hair accessories, trophies, ribbons, medals, CD’s, figurines, rocks, bobbles, trinkets, and MORE!

Yikes, so not only did Jennifer have to come up with a functional way to deal with all the stuff, I had to get it all cleaned off the surfaces and floor before I began.  I am going to include a before picture, but in order not to embarrass my daughter, I actually already did a touch of tidying before the “before” picture. J


Next step…covertly shop for a few statement items.  So, Monday night (after my “Yoga for Runners” class…super fun btw, and I have never done Yoga before) I ran to Target to grab a couple essentials:

          Comforter, dust ruffle, and sheet set in teal, pink, and purple,  which became the color palette.  ($75)

          Two small area rugs in the same color palette (what luck…yippee). ($29 each)

          A triple hook fixture for the wall to hang her robe, purse of the day, and zip hoodie. ($16)

Tuesday morning my 3 year old and I met my husband at Lowe’s for a few integral supplies:

          Three 2 X 4 foot acoustical ceiling tiles (to be covered with fabric and serve as bulletin boards for the unending amounts of drawings/pictures, etc.). ($3.50 each)

          Two cup hooks and a 3 foot piece of dowel rod (dowel to sit in cup hooks which are screwed into ceiling above the bed.  Then old sheer curtains draped over the rod to make a tent effect.) ($5)

          Two melamine boards  cut to fit into the closet in order to replace her bulky dresser. ($6)

          The two 6 foot shelving units that I needed were actually discontinued and sold out last week! The same shelving units that they have carried for 20 plus years…go figure

Next stop Tuesday morning was to Hobby Lobby:

          We (me and the 3 year old J) then picked out three coordinating fabrics to use to cover the ceiling tiles. ($20)

          Coordinating ribbon to attach to the tiles. ($7)

Jennifer dropped off a drum light attached directly to the electrical cord which will also hang from the dowel rod above the bed for evening reading. (Free)

Went home to search online for the cheap but efficient shelves that I desperately needed.  Low and behold I found exactly what I needed at precisely the right price at my own good ol’ Target!

          Two 6 foot tall shelving units from Target, picked up by my husband, and put together by him secretly in the garage at 10pm Tuesday night! ($29 each)

Wednesday April 11th …The official Birthday and Covert Makeover Day

          6am – Picked up an early birthday breakfast from our favorite Mexican cantina.

          7 am -Opened a couple “decoy” birthday gifts (ok, so the only thing I had for her before I came up with my makeover idea)

          7:50am – Kids off to school, and it is GO TIME!

Craig came back home for an hour to install the shelves in the closet, put up the ceiling cup hooks and dowel rod, and help me carry the 6 footers upstairs.

Meanwhile, my mom came over and took my youngest to preschool, then returned to do some fast sewing together of the old curtain sheers we were using for the “tent”.

I continued picking up and cleaning the bedroom as well as moving the furniture into their new homes.

We hung the sheers over the bed, then stripped and made the bed with the new linens.

10:30am – Momwent to Ross to get 6 sturdy whicker baskets in teal, pink, and purple in order to hold “stuff” on the 6 foot shelves.  Meanwhile, I went to the Elementary school to have lunch with the birthday girl!

11:30am – 2:25pm – All the rest of the stuff. 

          Covered the  ceiling tiles with the fabric, attached ribbon to the top, and hung them in a row on one large wall.

          Redistributed categories of toys into baskets, bins, and shelves.  Hung some odds and ends on her new pin boards.

          Vacuumed endless amounts of dust bunnies mixed with tiny plastic “toys”.

          Ripped leftover strips of fabric to make curtain tie backs.

          With 5 minutes to spare, I took a couple after pictures, and awaited the arrival of the birthday girl!

Our plan came together perfectly, and my daughter was over the moon excited!  She went absolutely nuts.   And with all her new storage, she has kept everything in its place for an entire week now…I think it’s a record!

Two days and $250 later we have a remade room, a great birthday gift, and most of all a happy birthday girl and happy momma!